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  1. If your system is working you need to turn your invisible files visible and at the root of your disk you should relable your old kernel and then place this one in the existing spot
  2. From what I know all that kext does 2 things? (correct me if I am wrong) It manage the cooling system (fans) I am running my processor 2600@3.2 AT NOW 2600@3.6 And the CPU Temperature is not getting hot enough to worry about. currently 46c. Been Running on hot day 30c with no other fans in tower, have the side of the tower off. No Crashes. (Also run a lot of bench marks to get it all worked up without crashes) The other thing the kext does is change the processors speed, takes advantage of turbo boost, busratio=34 to 38 from 3.2Ghz to 3.8Ghz So we are stuck at busratio=34 = 3.2Ghz, But this is faster than running at busratio=29 and getting 2.9Ghz. So still better to run this kext than the Experimental kext from {censored}? Any Opinions? We need some one to go to a retailer and get that next, there are a few new kexts that come with the MBP that we probably won't be able to get.
  3. Version 1.0


    After following a {censored} install and having the system running fine, accept the jittery mouse. I got this kernel from a retailer and now don't have to use busratio=29.
  4. I tried a similar way to you and failed, 10.6.7 Kernel had the same results as 10.6.6, blank screen after loading extras, not sure what boot loader I had, do you still need busratio=29 when using the new kernel? Wasn't loader... Had beta2 downloading same beta as yours now
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