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    i'm just a kid who want to try os x taste on a pc.
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    Indonesia, East Java
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    Eat, Watch Movies, Listen to the music, study, filial piety to parents, i love geeky stuff.
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  1. Version 1


    i’m creating this guide in two language, because i’m indonesian How To install OS X Yosemite on acer aspire 4739 [ENGLISH] How To install OS X Yosemite on acer aspire 4739 1.Download OS X Yosemite from Mac App Store 2.Create Install media using disk utility from real mac, hackintosh or vm ( can be called as manual way) 3.Boot from the Installation media, then install OS X (open disk utility and chose harddisk or partition you want to install Yosemite on). 4.After installation is done, copy FakeSMC.kext on the partition/drive where yosemite installed on from terminal, and then repair permission from disk utility , and restart your laptop. 5.Boot the OS X, and set up the user account like usual way, when it’s come to desktop, run post installation. 6.Install Kext and any other patches with kext utility or any other tool, for the audio after installing VoodooHDA.kext remove the original IOAudioFamily.kext and replace with the one i’m provided(thanks to k2ute for IOAudioFamily.kext patch), if a static sound come, try to put iGain and iMix to the lowest level in systempref, put Extra in the os x partition(make sure you create your own smbios (i’m using MBP6,2 bios, you can create from chameleon wizard), for the graphics use >> 7.If you’re lucky get AR9285 wifi module install wifi injector. 8.restart and use your hackintosh :3. PS : I’m also include the raw DSDT for someone who want to explore more, if someone can patch the AUDIO with AppleHDA (sorry i can’t patch the AppleHDA yet, hehehe, need some learning before doing that), feel free to made it and share the guide, the raw dsdt has no error, and warning, so you’re ready to put your patch on it. best regards : Riskyris :3 #kyaaaaaaa [iNDONESIAN] How To install OS X Yosemite on acer aspire 4739 Cara Install 1.Download OS X Yosemite dari Mac App Store 2.Buat instalasi seperti biasa, dari manual restore (dapat dari real mac, hackintosh, atau buat dari vm). 3.Setelah situ, boot media instalasi, settled mask welcome screen, masuk ke disk utility, format partisi/harddisk until OS X, setelah situ install OS X. 4.Setelah instalasi selesai, copy FakeSMC lewat terminal, repair permission dan restart. 5.boot os x, dan buat akun, kemudian install semua kext dan patch yang ada di folder, untuk audio agar bisa maksimal hapus IOAudioFamily.kext dan ganti yang ada di folder untuk fix stutter dan agar suara keras, setting juga iGain & iMix to lowest level di systempref klo bunyi nyaring keras, letakkan juga Extra di partisi OS X. 6.Install kext graphics di sini >>> 7.Kalo beruntung dapat wifi modul AR9285 pake wifi injector, hehehe. 8.restart dan nikmati hackintoshmu :3 PS : di folder juga ada RAW dsdt, dan yang bisa patch AppleHDA juga bisa sharing, hehehe (maaf belum pengalaman patching HDA by Apple, butuh lebih banyak belajar juga), aku juga udah fix dsdt nya, jadi tinggal edit/masukkin patch, error sama warning dah ku remove . best regards : Riskyris :3 #kyaaaaaaa
  2. is this work with OS X 10.8.5, i've downgrade from 10.9 to get sound work . please answer :'(
  3. me too, my Audio is ALC269 with ALC271X, i've tried to patch my DSDT, but it didn't work , but my synaptics touchpad work oob, just install os x Mavericks, then the keyboard and touchpad worked .
  4. Riskyris

    ALC269 Audio

    can you made for os x mavericks pelase,.
  5. k2ute, the last post worked for me with OS X Mountain Lion Installed, so i decided to install OS X Mavericks, when i'm edit my DSDT same in this post, the audio didn't work at all.
  6. if i copied this and then paste to my DSDT, will it work ????
  7. thank you very much, this app is helping me !!?
  8. someone already make our wifi card work, but IDK how to do'it http://www.osx86.net/networking-wireless/22287-168c-0032-a.html if someone make a tutorial how to make the card work, sorry if my english bad.
  9. maybe changing the dev id will make it work.
  10. i've tried with Hackintosh AtherosWiFiInjector.kext - Downloads - OSx86.net and change the device id, but it stood won't recognize the device, sorry if m english bad. waiting for a miracle kext:concern:
  11. does it work with AR9485, please anybody help me
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