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  1. Last night I stayed up until 3AM trying to figure out what's wrong and thought about the most complicated scenarios.. ? Could not imagine that the kexts in the EFI partition won't be copied, but this well, this was it. So as suggested, I just copied the kexts form USB/EFI/CLOVER/KEXTS/10.10 to?EFI/CLOVER/KEXTS/10.10 (NullCPU..; FakeSMC; Ethernet;), replaced the config.plist (it wasn't really necessary to do so, but wanted to replace the other already messed up version with a cleaner one) and voila! ? Thank you
  2. Thank you for the prompt reply. ? It is installed. I even re-formated the EFI under FAT32 and reinstalled clover r3168 again. ? As you said i will try to copy/replace the USB EFI to the SSD EFI and will let you know.
  3. Hey guys, ? First post so I will do my best to explain the situation that I (all by myself) got myself into! ? First the spec: MSI H61M-P23 Intel Core i3-2100 @3.1GHz NVIDIA GeForce GT240 512MB Qualcom atheros ar8151 v2 -ethernet Voodoo 48000 -audio ? Ok, until yesterday I had a perfectly running system - 2 HDDs installed - one 250GB for Windows and another 320GB for Yosemite 10.10.2 runing on Clover. ? I then decided to add a 3rd disk to the lot and installed a 64GB SSD to transfer the Yosemite installation to. HDD Yosemite cloned to SSD Yosemite, rebooted and Clover asked where to boot from - I choosed the SSD drive, it booted fine and everything was great. ? Ok but rather than leaving it that way, and keep the old HDD Yosemite installation for a backup, I decided to clean things out and have it nice and simple. Formatted the 320GB HDD drive where the Yosemite and Clover installations used to be and now... I can't boot from the Clover EFI Partition on the SSD - it gets stuck on the Apple logo when I select the SSD Yosemite installation. As it can't find the BOOTX64.efi. SSD Recovery is getting stuck on the Apple logo as well. ? When booting for the Clover Bootable USB and selecting the Yosemite SSD to boot from, it is working perfeclty fine! ? What do you think, is that the reason ? I edited the config.plist "DefaultVolume", it doesn't help. May be i should modify the "Legacy" part of the config.plist? Or should i give an exact path to the BOOTX64.efi in the "DefaultLoader" ??? ? Thanks in advance for the help guys and sorry for the long post!
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