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    Alright, guys. This is the ultimate wifi/bluetooth combo card for Hackintosh. You can buy it here. Unzip then run the installer BTW, the chipset, as it says in the title, is AR5B195
  2. Good news Chimera has been updated and it works absolutely perfectly on this mobo. No timer issues and using Chameleon modules are awesome
  3. Hey OP, I understand your frustration. I have been there myself. I have installed OS X on many machines, including AMD systems. Installing OS X on an AMD system is hell. Dont give up. Never give up on this. When you get it all working there is no other feeling like it in the world. Well, maybe heroin feels better, but still, installing OS X is more productive than shooting dope.
  4. It had nothing to do with the graphics card at all. I made an assumption that VT-D would work because it was a Gigabyte board. That was my failure. I thought it was my graphics card because it always got right up to that point where it looked like it was gonna hit the desktop.
  5. Got it from Amazon. Thats where I buy all my electronics from. And my card worked OOB -- no messing around with kexts or EFI strings. The only thing was that I had to make sure that I set GraphicsEnabler=no on the boot arguments. I thought at one point my card was a problem but it ended up that my BIOS options were incorrectly set. That was my major issue that I talked through on InsanelyMac. As for what I use for my bluetooth, I use a Belkin F8T016v. It is no longer sold anymore but there is a chance that someone may put one on ebay. Works absolutely perfect with Mavericks.
  6. As I said not all bluetooth dongles are created equal. My bluetooth dongle works perfect with Mavericks.
  7. I am using a PCI-E wifi card TP-LINK TL-WDN4800. Ethernet solutions can be difficult for OS X, so I usually go with something like that. As for my graphics card I am using an EVGA GeForce 660 GTX. Same as yours, just a different manufacturer. When you say you purchased a MAC Bluetooth Dongle, can you be a bit more specific like linking me to an Amazon or Newegg page where I can look over its specs? Thanks.
  8. The 660 is no probs. As for your dongle, not all dongles are created equal And as for my resolution, I have the max for my monitor, 2560x1440
  9. Graphics card is no problem. Should work OOB. RevoBoot seems to be the only solution for us on this mobo so far. We both are in a discussion on InsanelyMac on a thread that I started that shows our struggles with Chameleon. Your bluetooth solution is probably causing the kernel panics. Do you have another bluetooth dongle to test?
  10. Until we get a mach_kernel from the latest Apple refresh I am afeared that we cannot run Mountain Lion.
  11. 1. VoodooHDA works perfectly for audio as long as you have a -f in your boot args 2. Cant tell about the ethernet card because I have no idea 3. Integrated graphics or discrete card? If discrete then please post specs
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