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  1. Fixed it. ? But installing the Kext's you provided, fpacheco, didn't solve the problem so I ended up cloning the backup drive. I can boot fine now and will be cautious with future updates from Apple. ? I thought I had learned my lesson earlier but I guess there was more to a Safari update than I had expected. I never even use Safari, anyway but it's nice to have an OS that's up to date. I've run updates for iTunes or Quicktime or Final Cut Pro, but I was aware that a "system update" would break something.? I have to be more careful! ? I have a couple more questions to discuss and I'll post them as different posts, but you mentioned copying the applications folder and then replacing it when I'm back up and running. Most applications may work this way, but I'm pretty sure that there a files written to the library folders that are necessary for the app to run, so I'm reluctant to try that. ? Or should I?? I use mostly graphics and media related applications from Adobe, Apple, Ableton, Propellerhead, etc.? ? Comments? It's not that hard to re-install some apps, but it can take some time and then they need to be updated, too. ? Thanks everyone.
  2. Thank you, fpacheco. This particular drive is a MyHack installation, with help from Rene.? ? I can boot into safe mode, no problem.? I tried the Single User Mode boot, also, and walked through the commands you suggested. I DO get a kernal panic when I type exit and continue. Do you need me to reply with the details of that kernal panic? ? I should no better than to run updates like this, and I was certain I only did a Safari update and no "system" updates. I have no problems running iTunes updates or any other non OS-related updates. ? So, what's next? Can I save this drive? If not I'll either clone it from my backup drive or start over. I have so much software installed, I hate to start over. ? Thanks again.
  3. So...this morning I ran the latest Safari update that was available and after rebooting I only get a white screen and a frozen mouse cursor in the upper left-hand corner. ? What happened? ? When am I going to learn not to run updates immediately? ? I have a backup drive with OS X ML installed, but unless I can recover this particular drive I'll lose a couple of things I left on the desktop. ? Any help? ? Thanks.
  4. Hello, kyndder: ? Thank you for your continued support, and sorry for the delay in responding. I have a couple more questions before I can move forward. ? Duplicate kexts?? Should I simply remove Patched_10.7_AppleRTC.kext and FakeSMC.kext from the Extras/Extensions folder? ? I downloaded the FakeSMC from SourceForge but it is a .plist file format, not a .kext. I'm not sure what to do with this different file format. ? Thanks so much, and I'm sorry for these questions.
  5. This driver has always worked for me in the past on previous installations, and after re-installing it on a fresh, working ML 10.8.5 installation, I can't get my audio card to show up in System Preferences/Sound. ? The driver is available for download here: ? http://kxproject.com/down.php?language=en ? The PCI card is an older M Audio Delta series, with a breakout box.? I can see no PCI cards in System Information, also. ? What happened?? What am I overlooking? ? This card and driver have always worked for me on a Hackintosh installation.? And I'm pretty sure it was a ML 10.8.5 installation, also. ? Any suggestions? ? Thank you. ?
  6. Thank you, kyndder, for your help. ? I just followed Rene's instructions again, using the DSDT.ZIP file you provided me with. I restarted and in terminal ran a kextstat command, but I still don't have com.apple.driver.AppleLPC loading. ? What am I doing wrong? Is there a BIOS setting I'm overlooking? ? If this is too much trouble, I'm not going to pursue it any further.? I have a great running machine right now, and a backup drive (cloned OS), also. ? Thanks for your help, ? Tom Hanser Seattle, WA
  7. How can I get my Apple remote to work with my Hackintosh? ? Can anyone suggest a USB IR receiver?? Or maybe a? PCIe card that would work? ? Thanks.
  8. Oops! ? Wrong file attached.? Both are named similarly, by the way. ? Attached is the output file I meant to use.? ? Additionally, C State Control is enabled in my BIOS, Low Power Mode is NOT enabled, and Suspend Mode is set to S3. ? Thanks in advance. SystemChk_Output.zip
  9. SystemChk file is attached. ? Still can't recover from sleep, after Rene and kyndder helped me with a DSDT file and a list of instructions.? ? com.apple.driver.AppleLPC is NOT loaded, after running the kextstat command in Terminal.? ? Any help?? What did I miss? ? Thanks, everyone.? SystemChk_1.3.zip
  10. Need some help getting my Dell Optiplex 960 to recover from sleep mode. Currently it won't - I have to force a reboot. ? I pulled this using XP-DSDT while Windows 7 was running on this same machine.? My Hackintosh is currently running ML 10.8.5 with no problems (except sleep mode.) ? Any help? ? Thank you. DSDT_Optiplex-960.zip
  11. Thank you, Rene. ? I still need an optical drive to burn backup disks of photography images, and occasionally burn a DVD video and even more occasionally listen to a music CD. ?
  12. Can anyone suggest a proper optical drive replacement for a Dell Optiplex 960? ? I'm currently using the stock drive that came with the machine, but it's prone to the "constantly seeking" drive problem.? I'm sure you're all aware of this - every minute or so the drive's LED light comes on, and the drive mechanism operates as if it's trying to read a disk in the drive that doesn't even exist. ? Apple typically used a Pioneer Superdrive for optical drives - how would this work in a Dell Optiplex running Mountain Lion 10.8.5? ? Thanks!
  13. Still can't connect to the App Store. ? I've tried two different?boot list edits, rebooted and it still won't connect. I tried removing the ethernet adapter in System Preferences/Network, and deleting?NetworkInterfaces.plist?and after rebooting and re-establishing the network I still can't connect. ? My onboard NIC: ? ? Type: Ethernet Controller ? Bus: PCI ? Vendor ID: 0x8086 ? Device ID: 0x10de ? Subsystem Vendor ID: 0x1028 ? Subsystem ID: 0x0276 ? Revision ID: 0x0002 ? BSD name: en0 ? Any other fixes or suggestions? This is a Dell Optiplex 960, with no other NIC cards installed. ? Thanks!
  14. OK! ? That explains that.? My onboard ethernet is en0 and my installed ethernet card is en1. ? Currently, my onboard network is not working, but the card IS.? I'll have to fix this before I can access the App Store. ? Thank you.
  15. I've tried several patches now to fix the connection problem with the App Store, but none have worked. ? Then I started to wonder if I should be using the onboard NIC, and not a PCI card NIC?? Or does it matter? ? I am currently using a Dell Optiplex 960 with a PCI card NIC, to successfully connect to the Internet.? I've yet to be able to connect to my account on the App Store, so I can RE-DOWNLOAD a copy of Mountain Lion. ? Any suggestions?? I've patched my boot list twice, per online instructions, and after re-booting it still doesn't work.? ? Should I try making the onboard Ethernet port work first, to connect to the App Store? ? Any comments or suggestions? ? Thanks!?
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