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  1. Hi I find a quiclky solution with the sound after install iAtkos ML2 on my Intel Chipset 945GC motherboard. Before, I had iAtkos L2 and sound worked well. Now after installation the sound has been lost. Audio hardware description is : IDT 92HD202 6-channel High Definition audio Codec to fix this problem you need to download a pkg (that I grabbed from iAtkos L2). here is : https://www.4shared.com/zip/6SjzGX6M/vhda273pkg.html? -unzip -put on your desktop, execute and install it. -after reboot -go to settings > sound -select 'Speakers' done! I hope this helps to someone. PD: sorry for my english, I'm from another country Thanks!
  2. Please made kext for TP-Link WN722N (ar9271) :/ iAtkos Mountain Lion.
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