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  1. Hey everyone, really trying to get HDMI audio working. It seems everything I do to HDEF edit just causes errors. I have the Applehda kext for my audio which is ALC270. Sleep works great, some fn keys, but not brightness. Don't really care about those. If anyone has any insight it would sure help, or point me in the right direction if you have this lappy or similiar lappy with a K55A board. Full system definition is included in the zip file as an easy to read html file. Oh my sig is my desktop, not this laptop just incase. Thank you! [ATTACH]5171[/ATTACH] Asus U57A Full system definition.zip
  2. voodoobattery Lion / Mountain Lion

    Awesome, Perfect on Asus u57a-bbl4
  3. VoodooPS2 Synaptics Ready Easy Installer

    Trying to get my Asus ps/2 Clickpad working correctly. No scroll or gestures working so far. I manually added the .plist and the daemon as per his instructions and got some erratic behavior, reinstalled with this and just point and click is working. Any ideas how to get this working?
  4. VoodooHDA 2.8.0 [64bit]

    Works on Audiomaxx 3 Toshiba P755-S5320!
  5. Ok, thanks! I'll get ti go! The link was dead to the Voodoohda download, so I found the latest here, 2.8.0 that fixed everything strangely enough! No messing with it at all. Cheers!
  6. Not sure exactly what to do to fix this. Used MB{censored} and installed the Patched appleCPUPowermanagment.kext That didn't do it. Kinda puzzled. Any ideas? Core i3 2330M Ok, so pictures get resized here? Basically one core shows 45 degrees, The other core show 85 degrees, One thread out of 4 work properly with cpus=1 Otherwise it freezes up and artifacts like crazy. Should I try the Sandy Bridge Patch in MB{censored} for Core i 5?
  7. Is VoodooHDA the only way to enable this audio device? I get a loud Hissss'ing sound, annoying I have searched but came up with nothing. I'd really like to try and patch the DSDT if anything. Cheers!
  8. GA-H61M-HD2 DSDT

    Version 1.0


    Not a lot of edits, but sleep is working. Edit: Fixed HDEF Feedback is much welcomed!
  9. battery fix for 10.7 Lion and 10.8 Mountain Lion

    Sweet! Works great here, solved my applesmartbattery.kext problem Toshiba P755
  10. Mountain Lion on Toshiba P755

    I'm still only seeing one active out of 4. Without the cpus=1 flag I get all cores but artifacts like crazy! Not sure what to do. I readit might be a Tscsync issue. Sandy bridge problem, not sure yet. I have a RTL8101E/RTL8102E Ethernet card, can't get it to work, do you have the same?
  11. List for supported wifi cards?

    Its a Toshiba, I don't think they have a whitelist, I know my Lenovo did and I had to get a Modded Bios. I will double check though, Thanks for the link, they have some local to me for delivery in a couple of days!
  12. List for supported wifi cards?

    Many thanks! That's just the info I was looking for! Is there a sticky on that somewhere?
  13. Mountain Lion on Toshiba P755

    I think thats par for the course with Toshiba especially. If I don't boot with -f I get a applesmartbattery failed and then waiting for root. Trying to fix that now.
  14. Mountain Lion on Toshiba P755

    Make sure your smbios.plist is set for a MacBook Pro 8,1. I use Chameleon wizard Soon as I changed that, everything started running smooth. DSDT I extracted first time had errors...will post in a minute. First time I have got errors on first extraction without edit, is that normal? [ATTACH]3994[/ATTACH] DSDTP755errors.aml.zip
  15. List for supported wifi cards?

    Oh yes, thank you! Doesn't seem to show mini half PCI-e for laptops, I know I have to change mine out. I have a broadcom43xx in one laptop, fully supported but my other laptop calls for a Mini.