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  1. So today I opened my app store and I had two updates. One for final cut and other for angry birds which i've never installed on my system. I thought what the heck and pressed update on angry birds, but then a window popped up that told me to log in with some random russian account. So im thinking that was the account who that angry birds update belongs to. My question is WTF? How the heck did this happen? How is there someone elses updates in my app store? Sorry if my little story is a bit confusing. Added a screenshot. That is not my Apple ID, but the ID of the person whos update that was.
  2. I can't be the only one having this problem. After a while it just stops sending and receiving images. I gotta restart my computer and log in again for it to start working properly again and then after a day or so it stops doing it again. Any fix for that?
  3. I don't know.. There must be something wrong with the N{censored} distro, but it was the only thing I could get to boot on my computer.
  4. I'll give it a shot then... EDIT: Gave it a try. Broke my native apps, but luckily I had made backups. I am using N{censored}'s distro of ML, so anybody else with that distro: BACK UP YOUR NATIVE APPS! Everything else works great though
  5. I am on 10.8.2 and when I updated from 10.8.0 then I had some problems with native apps and possibly some kexts, I cant remember anymore. But is it safe to update to 10.8.3?
  6. Today I noticed that iMessage says its inactive and I cannot use it. Instead of giving me the contacts name in blue, it gives it to me in red. It worked fine yesterday. Has Apple done something or is it my machine? Anybody else having this problem? EDIT: Ah nvm. Had to re-do the thing with the bootloader.
  7. That was the first one I tried when installing the OS. Didn't work. Today I tried some more and nothing worked. Found an old network card and got it to work now.
  8. Can somebody help me find the kexts for that network card? I've tried many kexts that are supposed to work on AR8113 hoping that they would work on 8112 but no dice. I found one that was for 8112 but it was for SL.
  9. yes, like I said, when I hold down F12 then it opens up dashboard. the keyword here is HOLD. I held it down for like 3 seconds and as soon as I press it dashboard comes up, when I release the button then dashboard goes away.
  10. Normally yes, but there is no option for Eject in keyboard shortcuts.
  11. On the status bar when I click on eject, then it doesnt show me a shortcut and when I hold F12 then dashboard comes up.
  12. Oh cool, I didn't know about this. This way worked, but now how do I get it to launch when I start up my machine. And how do I get it to eject when I hold down F12?
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