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  1. I am going to try this right now and see if I can get as far as you man. I don't know much about DSDTs but if I can get it to boot, at least we will be on the same page.

    UPDATE: I can boot with David's method into non safemode using the same flags. Pretty cool. I'm going to try to work on the DSDT now and research that. It is interesting to note that according to sysinfo my cpu is running at 1.2 GHz and is an i7.

    UPDATE2: If I click launchpad, it crashes. I'm guessing this has something to do with the fact that the thing has graphical acceleration disabled. b

  2. School and work are way more important. That is good.

    Can't we somehow force OS X to ignore the nvidia GPU until this switching is figured out, and just use Intel 4000 graphics? If you could get me a DSDT or explain how to get my system bootable, I might be able to help..

    I realize the ASUS G74SX probably doesn't have optimus, but if it can be done there I don't see why we couldn't get it to work with just the Intel 4000 gpu.

    The Best Hackintosh Laptops of 2012 - For Mountain Lion

    Also, might be worth starting a petition with HP for this in the next bios release. I think the company Insyde is responsible for the bios firmware.

  3. Also on a completely unrelated note, I happened to pull the HDD caddy out of the pro book I have that goes into the second drive bay (where the disc drive usually goes) and I tried putting a drive with windows on it into the caddy and inserting it into the side of the computer, but it can't seem to find it upon boot, and I can't select it in the boot menu (there isn't even a drive option). Also, the USB I created with the OS X installer can't find it either. I have tried rearranging the boot order and that didn't help. It's like the BIOS doesn't support booting from the caddy. Is anyone else having this problem? When I swap out the HDD in the caddy with the drive with OS X installed on it, it can't find it either.

    UPDATE: Just kidding guys. Apparently the drive bay was much deeper than I thought, and the caddy kept getting caught on what I thought was the sata connector but turned out to be something else, so it was never actually connected even though it felt like it. Something you guys should note is it may take more force and wiggling the caddy to get it to slide in. Interestingly, Windows 7 had no problem booting from the 2nd drive in the caddy and didn't complain at all, and OS X still crashes at the same spot and gets just as far as it did before, so hopefully booting from both the caddy and the main drive will be possible with either OS, just for future reference. Good news I guess for those who don't already know.

    On a side note, right before OS X crashes past login with the flags christ1111 gave me, it will sometimes show the desktop wallpaper, and other times it will just stall, but it always clones the mouse cursor (like when I move it away, there are now two, one before login, and one after, and I can still remove the latest one until the entire system freezes). This makes me think it is definitely some graphics issue.

  4. @montag I just tried the kext to help sort the HDD not found problem but it didn't work for me. I got some line that it couldn't load some kexts and then waiting for root device. I'll try again in a couple of days with a fresh U{censored}. Did you repair the flash drive?

    I don't remember exactly what I did, but it was pretty simple. I just used the kext utility, pointing it to the modified version I downloaded in the package and then when I booted from the USB it found my hard drive, just like that.

    If anyone knows how to get any further, let me know. I am assuming I need to do some DSDT work or some kext swapping before it will boot correctly. If I could get this running in six months and was able to sell or trade off my Probook, that would be simply incredible.

  5. I have the DV6-7014nr with the i7-3610QM, it has the 2GB model and it's been giving me issues with the graphics subsystem.

    Hey AJ, I have a question. You said something about having to specify the PCI location if you have the 650m w/ 1 GB VRAM? I installed os x successfully but without GraphicsEnabler=No, it stops at this line in verbose mode when I attempt to boot with the lines cpus=1:

    nVidia GeForce GT 650M 0MB NVe7 [10de:0fd1] :: PciRoot(0x1)/Pci(0x1,0x0)/Pci(0x0,0x0)

    I haven't done anything really, like patching kexts or anything. I'm not sure where to go with it. I probably need to patch the DSDT. Unfortunately the BIOS ver. is F.22...

    UPDATE: It boots in safe mode with flag -x.

    UPDATE2: It let me set stuff up but once I logged in, it crashed. 2x now. I don't think it will boot into the desktop because as soon as I type in the password and hit enter, it freezes.

    UPDATE3: Since I'm hung up here, I might as well post my specs.

    HP Pavilion dv6 Notebook PC CTO Entertainment Laptop

    Product NumbeR: A5F74AV

    Proc. Type: Core i7-3610QM CPU @2.30 GHz

    8 GB RAM

    Bios ver: F.22, Insyde

    GeForce GT 650M 1GB

    Fingerprint reader

    720p display

    backlit keyboard

    beats audio w/ sub

    9 cell battery.

    Wifi card (this guy): HP MULTI UNIT WLAN CARD Ralink Ripple3 RT5390F_802.11 b/g/n 1x1 PCIe HMC


    Blu-ray reader.

    100 GB Hitachi *right now, usually a 1 TB*

  6. So guys, the hard drive recognition problem I was having was resolved with this, previously mentioned but now buried:


    And here is the kext editor:

    Kext Wizard - Easy to use Kext Installer and more - New Releases and Updates - InsanelyMac Forum

    It's just a standard 100 GB Hitachi (out of a Macbook 07 actually I believe).

    Only able to boot the installer with these flags: -v cpus=1 GraphicsEnabler=No

  7. @AJ, I haven't actually attempted any hackintoshing on my DV6 just yet (I got it yesterday), but I will probably mess with it sometime this week. I have quite a bit of time this semester, so I should be able to help you with the guide as a beta tester. I've built three hackintoshes (mostly from guides) a few years ago and just recently the probook (what I'm typing on) so hopefully I can help somehow.

    Is your machine a 650 1GB or 2GB? Also, what is the processor model (it may not matter).

    I'll see what I can do and report back hopefully soon with any issues.

    Also, for the record, when I worked in IT, we all despised ATI (now AMD) drivers because they always gave us problems. I think ATI's hardware is more reliable, but NVIDIA's software is better.

  8. I would hold on to the Probook for now as that one is working and this is still a work in progress. Aj should have everything working except the wifi (needs different card) and the GPU. I think for most people this should be enough. But I am hoping that hp will update the BIOS with this setting in it as it would make things allot easier. The more people asking for this setting (probably better to not mention hackintosh) the better.

    But the 650 1 GB works without issue huh? Man, I really was lucky.

  9. As far as i have come to understand is that the problem there is with the hackintosh is the switching between the cards. Apple uses the cards differently then a normal pc and people say that they might be doing the switching between the 2 cards via hardware (this is not sure). So there is support for the GT 6xx m cards natively in os x but the problem is in the switching. For this reason turning on the HD 4000 should fix the problem. This is what I have understood from my research.

    Hmm... sounds tricky. Maybe I'll hold onto my Probook and just wait it out. It sounds like AJ may be close. The sound is important to me though, so hopefully that will pan out after everything is in place.

  10. You're damn lucky, I'm hoping that hp will update the BIOS so that you can turn the HD 4000 off, this should fix the problems that people are having. I think I'll send them an email tomorrow.

    Are you aware of what happens if you have both the Intel graphics on and the Nvidia on? Does it intelligently switch between the two or just use one?

  11. Correct me if I'm wrong but I think that the guide Aj is making will have everything but the Nvidia card.

    Well you're probably right but the least I can do is help. I was lucky to get the model with the working Nvidia 650 1GB card, so that should work.

  12. So I have some bad/sad news for all of you today.

    Despite my best efforts to patch the drivers I've been failing. I may be able to get it working at a later time but for now it seems we won't be getting Nvidia graphics.

    Apparently apple uses their optimus differently than the rest of the world as their cards actually switch the output card depending on the demands of the application. The rest of the world just activates the Nvidia card when the Intel gpu can't handle the graphics load, then uses the Nvidia card to render and the Intel gpu to display the data.

    It is possible to write a driver/patch a driver to work .... probably.

    It's just out of my ability. So for now I am continuing to work on this but am just working on getting intel HD up and running so we have at least a partially working system.

    Once the Intel card works the first guide will be posted here. If and when I can get Nvidia working alongside intel, The guide will be updated.


    Well, I am sure you've already seen this, but..

    Enable HD 4000 graphics on your Hackintosh (updated)

    I don't know if that will help with recognizing extra cores. I am about to acquire one of these machines as well maybe. I am a 4th year CS major with some experience in Objective-C (ipad app) and C/C++, but none in driver programming. Perhaps I can help in some way.

    Remember, college is more important than OS X. :P

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