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    montag got a reaction from gsavoldi in Hp dv6-7000   
    Yes, I did. Once I deleted the geforce kexts and set up the SMBios, I think that was what fixed it.
    @gsavoldi Did you try deleting the geforce kexts and setting up the SMBios like in David's guide? Also, what is the last line you see when you have the verbose (-v) flag? Like what does it freeze on? That way we might be able to figure out where it's hanging at. Also, is your display full HD? That might have something to do with it, since mine is 720p or 1366x768.
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    montag reacted to ajnozari in Hp dv6-7000   
    Wow, I go away for a while and HUGE progress has been made. First off I want to apologize for dissappearing. I was having some life issues after my friend committed suicide literally infront of me. However, I am back and I can help. The only problem is that I lost the flash drive with the files on it. I am going through and restoring my mini so I have a working copy of OSX and I will be working on this again after that.
    @David, I saw that you've successfully installed OSX. Good job, however I haven't seen if you've gotten out of safemode only mode. If you have, please let me know how. I wanted to thank you for picking up where I left off. I didn't mean to be so absent, life just threw me a really bad lemon.
    Also I saw that HP will be putting out a bios to select the GPU. This is GREAT news. Once we can shut down the hd4000 we theoretically should be able to boot into OSX without safemode just fine. However, until that is done, this system will NEVER boot properly. I hate to be a debbi-downer but that's the truth. Me and a friend even spent 3 weeks trying to re-write the freaking OSX driver. All that resulted in was my laptop overheating and his system (a retina macbook) accidentally installing the driver and killing itself.
    So for not we're playing a waiting game. The good news is once we can do this I'm fairly certain that we can get this system working stock (no Iatkos) with decent battery life. Alternatively, we could also disable the nvidia card (which would give us mega battery life in OSX, since it also supports the HD4000). Either way we will see this system working once HP stops being dicks.
    @Montag, try just CPUS=1 GraphicsEnabler=No -x. That should get you into safemode just fine. We only need the PCIRootUID if we have the HD4000 disabled as it points OSX to the nvidia card, however I suspect that we won't even need that. Note that when you isntall this (if your using a vanilla installer) use just CPUS=1 GraphicsEnabler=No (no -x) it doesn't need it and it seems to cause some issue after the install is done.
    Also, for those of you using Iatkos ML2, I'd suggest you just try and use a clean install dmg and go from there. Iatkos uses a lot of "universal drivers" that don't seem to do our systems justice. ALso, it seems you all have fixed the HDD problem. I can try to track down where i got the original driver but if you've found somethign that works good for you.
    Also a word of warning. If you make a change and boot normall (no safemode) and get a kernel panic IMMEDIATELY restart. If you let the system hang for a bit it seems to break even safe mode (had to re-install 4 times before I figured that out). Also if you keep getting kernel panics you should just reinstall, this also goes if you can't seem to get it to boot into safemode again (after it has booted once).
    All this being said, please give me a week or so to get back into this so I can figure out where I was. I have to re-make my flash drive but that's not an issue. If any of you have gotten further please feel free to update me here or via PM. I also apologize for just disappearing and leaving you all high and dry but I am here to help again.
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    montag reacted to dmcb1234 in Hp dv6-7000   
    Page 10 of this thread has a link for the kexts for HDD recogition
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    montag reacted to david105396 in Hp dv6-7000   
    @RocketSledder77 I myself haven't tried iAtkos as I would rather use U{censored}. Aj tried it but without succes so I don't think it will work all to well.
    Also apple just released the 10.8.3 beta. All I know at the moment is that is has amd 7xxx graphics but I hope they have some changes that will help us.
    Update: Ok so i finally made some progress. I finally got to the desktop background and it froze. I think this is because of safe mode as I had the same problem trying to install in safe mode. Now it is hanging at IOBluetoothhcicontroller start completed. So it has something to do with the graphics. I am trying to fix this and will then post an update.
    Great UPDATE: Ok so I was right. It was hanging on the desktop picture because of safe mode. What I did was delete the 4 GeForce kexts. Then I used the flags: cpus=1 GraphicsEnabler=No PCIRootUID=0 -v. Forgot to say I also installed these 2 kexts. http://www.osx86.net/view/16-nullcpupowermanagement_32--64-bit.html and the FakeSMC http://www.projectosx.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=1643
    Update: I can now boot without safe mode and cpus=1 GraphicsEnabler=No PCIRootUID-0 as said above. I am having some trouble with chimera and chameleon as they wont accept my boot flags for some reason (not going to bother with it now as I can boot with U{censored}). I think the next step is making/patching the DSDT. I am trying to do this at the moment but without succes, any help on this is greatly appreciated.
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    montag reacted to ajnozari in Hp dv6-7000   
    Hmm, I guess I forgot about sound completely lol. I use bluetooth headphones so I didn't notice but now that you mention it sound was a touch problematic. I can look for something, but since it's IDT audio (Remember even though it's labeled beats it's just IDT audio with the beats equalizer applied) we *should* be ok as I've gotten IDT to work before.
    An actual update on progress with KEXT's will be coming this weekend. Me and my friend are able to get together again (he was out of town) and we're gonna get this POS up and running if it kills us.
    (Sadly it might. In the quest for a good hackintosh I've been electrocuted twice and burned once but dammit perseverance!!!)
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    montag reacted to jimmyco2008 in [GUIDE] Getting OSX Installer to recognize your hard drive!   
    Wish I could add to the title that this probably only works for Intel Panther Point chipsets!
    All that work, only to find an absence of hard drive in the OSX installer!
    This may be because your (probably laptop's) SATA mode is RAID and not AHCI. On many HP (probably other newer) laptops, the SATA mode is RAID. I'm not really sure why, but it makes our lives more difficult. And of course you cannot change this in the BIOS.
    NOTE: You may *think* you're in AHCI mode, if only because you just bought your laptop, but it could be RAID. We can safely rule out IDE mode if your laptop has Ivy Bridge, not sure about earlier Core setups but I imagine the same goes for at least Sandy Bridge. You also may have used one of the various methods of verifying AHCI mode as enabled through Windows. I got that too.
    My setup is an HP m6-1045dx with Ivy Bridge i5 and Panther Point (H77 - Series 7) chipset. I'm seeing a pattern with the Panther Points being RAID mode, so this just might be your fix.
    You need Kext Wizard, a computer running OSX (even if it's a Virtual Machine) and your U{censored} or myHack USB flash drive.
    Download the modified-for-RAID kext here and extract the zip. Note that the zip includes the modified and unmodified kext "AppleAHCIport", use the modified one.
    Select that modified kext and install it to System/Libraries/Extensions on your USB flash drive with Kext Wizard.
    Now try that installation again!
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