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  1. Currently I'm using integrated card Intel HD Graphics (Intel® Core? i3-350M Processor). My discrete video has been broken :'(
  2. If it was that simple In system preferences i have only one resolution: 1024x768. Even if i boot with Graphics Mode
  3. Tried, nothing changes. I've installed it and what should I actually do with it?) What parameter has to be changed?
  4. Is there a way to change resolution with unsupported card? I tried editing my chameleon plist. I have there: <key>Graphics Mode</key> <string>1366x768x32</string> But it always starts with 1024x768x32.
  5. Wow, it worked!! Thanks a lot!
  6. Hi to all! I've managed to install Lion(iAtkos ML2) and also chameleon. All worked well. But i found qboot.pkg in folder with drivers and installed it. Now i have mac starting instead of chameleon. How do i delete whis qboot?
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