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  1. @dio the 10.9 is it maverick?is it start selling already?why i cant seem to find it?btw what is ur laptop model?mine is A55vd with i5 and bios 408
  2. @diogo can u tell me how update to 10.8.4?using combo update or from App Store?
  3. oowh i see if u are saying about the memory bug on chameleon actually that have been solve..i have another friend managed to get the fix from chameleon and now am actually using it..from activity monitor i can actually get 16gb ram!! notthe 3.2gb as thereported bug.. and also speedstep also works....well if u r kind enuf to guide me for coding the clover i will be very glad actually,as i cant managed to get the bootloader to work....really wantedto try out clover
  4. @hoel i don get u,do u mean by simply installing n setting up clover u get all those u listed works?or u still have dsdt n ssdt for the it?coz i can't seem to get clover to work....
  5. @diogo imessage also doesnt work for me here...btw did any one here updated to 10.8.4?
  6. @diogofmaciel actually u can download the fn key kext at osx latitude forum and it work right out without any dsdt edit..trust me as i also using it...
  7. @hoel did u change ur smbios to macbook pro 8,x?and did u set c-state /p-state in ur org.chameleon.plist to =1? and did u put ur ssdt in ur extra folder?
  8. eddmecha

    Atheros AR9285

    does this include the bluetooth as well?
  9. @ashida glad that u have fully booted from hdd...btw if u want the chameleon memory fix i have the files u can pm me ur email i will send the fix to u
  10. @ashida did u check ur inbox? btw u need to delete clover first in order it to work and also u r on GPT or MBR partition
  11. Did u try to reboot after the error message?coz iinm its normal but after restart it should boot into mac
  12. you are welcome....sorry for giving any un-informative and unhelpful comment
  13. well i will advice u too use chameleon coz its more user friendly...just download the chameleon wizard and install it on ur mac hdd,and do a few setup up1-from install tab select install on boot02-select ur smbios(select the nearst to ur system in my case i use macbook 9,2) then save it3-in org.chameleon.boot tick the options that u need 4-after that reboot ur mac without usb and see if u can see the selection hdd
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