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  1. that error comes generally because of iosnetworkfamily.kext.its happening time to time to me.after deleting al connections in settings-network and re installing networkfamily oext its fixing that problem.i didnt upgrade just installed iatkos ml2
  2. wifi için harici usb wifi dungle alman laz?m ben zyxel ald?m mac uyumlu olmas?na dikkat et.network derken ethernet ile internet çal??m?yorsa farkl? network kextlerini deneyerek bulabilirsin.
  3. solved after reinstalling ionetworkingfamiliy.kext
  4. i opened new account from us zone without card and appstore was accepting .but its telling that u should add a payment metod before continue then again same problems.i couldnt understand why it doesnt accept an account that payment is related to turkish credit card
  5. after opening account which addressed united states (im in turkey) appstore acceptin but at beginning it wants credit card which belong u.s.. if ican change sth that accepts account from turkey it will be solved.its not possible to have credit card from us for me
  6. yes it was always selected. i tried unchecked and checked but its not effecting
  7. after a while using it suddenly strarted to give unknown error and it doesnt let even sign up new account. i couldnt solve with searched and found solutions. please help it makes borring without appstore
  8. for now it is not possible to enable nvidia.we have to use hd3000 as 500 mb. i bought zyxel mi?i usb wifi card to solve wireless problem.
  9. i would appreciate if u would share kext. do u have two graph?c card (intel hdxxx and nvidia)?
  10. bluesnguitar


    i know its a silly question but i have to ask.should i put this in s/l/e and put in kext utility app or i should put somewhere else and run with utility or it doesnt matter just run with kext utility?
  11. ok im using boot0md. but when im trying to install to other disk windows its telling that windows cant be installed that part im formatting to ntfs from fat 32 but it still doesnt let me.
  12. i have two harddilsk and in one i have ml w?th iatkosi want to install win 8 to other butu i dont know whatu boot style to choose in chameleon wizard. boot0 or boot0mdf sth etc. there is 3 style. could sb explain these?
  13. my hdmi wasnt working. it started to work after i installed logic pro 9
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