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  1. where are the osx86 patcher to active HD6470M graphics?
  2. will it be worked for HD 6470M? else any solution to active the HD 6470M in ML or MAvericks? Pls do help.
  3. Pls Develop a kext for ATI 6470M. So many Users waiting more than a year. Please do some mercy who use ATI 6470M. For those who cannot another mac osx compatible laptop. Please...
  4. will it work for HP pavilion G6 BCM4313?
  5. Same problem - -Don't work: 1. USB3.0 3. CardReader (even dont try to make it work, i dont need it) 4. WebCam HP TrueVision HD (recognize but dont work don't know why) 5. Wi-fi. BCM4313 is not supported.
  6. Same to me should try external USB wifi modem
  7. No working HP G6 Laptop. BCM 4313 is so poor got no kext.
  8. Same Situation I also faced. All ok except BCM4313 hopless Forum got no help for BCM4313
  9. Is there anybody? to make BCM4313 driver Kext.
  10. Same to me, not working for BCM4313
  11. How about HP 4430s atheros driver?
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