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  1. I suggest you forget iShit:?read this. But before forgetting it: ? Try reinstalling 10.6.3 with it and create a OS X USB with?myHack. ? G'Luck. ?
  2. http://www.osx86.net/files/file/1284-atheros-ar5b195-ar9285-wifi-ar3011-bluetooth/
  3. Specs and a pic of the PC booting with -v.?
  4. I don't think OSX86.net supports piracy. Better to PM it to him.
  5. The same here. ? EDIT: ? I almost forgot: be sure to stay away from phTonyCrap.
  6. MacReaper

    Kext for ati hd 5450

    ? Google "QE/CI Exotic Patch for OS X 10.6.8".?Mistakes happen, I guess.? What René said.
  7. The best way to get out of a KP is to not be there in the first place. ;)

    1. HackinDoge


      Sometimes there's just no escape LOL

    2. <Bluet00th>
  8. How long did you wait before rebooting ?: it takes me around 3 min to boot into OS X installer. You can't "delete" -v.? You have to be patient and wait.
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