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  1. Very Strange.. I use Chameleon bootloader. witch one do you use. In your bootloader, did you change the configuration? You have to set Graphics enabler = Yes and ATI Config= Baboon Type in terminal: kextstat | grep ATI Output should be: ATIxxxxController (kext for the graphics controller) ATISupport (kext responsible for supporting the ATI in mac os x) Type in terminal: kextstat | grep AMD Output should be: AMDRadeonAccelerator (kext responsible for graphics acceleration) Tell me what do you see.
  2. For Audio olarila.com ? View topic - AppleHDA if your audio device is 8086:3b56 this is the kext that you need BUT: It only work the audio and mic. the headphone plug and the volume control doesn't work. http://www.osx86.net/view/2509-voodoohda_2.7.3_installer_for_10.6-10.7-10.8.html For ATI 5650 - I used Fixing Scrambled,Stretched, or Wrong Resolution Laptop Display Problems - Intel - InsanelyMac Forum If you have the same problem as me. My problem was that the iOS doesn't reconized my screen, only the graphic card. I have to install SwitchResX to work properly. and set the resolution with an HDMI or an external monitor in order to work. good luck.
  3. Well Rene... I'll install back the 10.8.3 OS version... lol I really appreciate your attention, but if things go wrong I'll be back.. lol Thanks again and keep doing this great work.
  4. Sorry... Kext Wizard it is that i'm using here right now. not Kext utility. My mistake. I already have my backups with all working kexts. I install the kext that you send me but nothing happened. If i Run Myfix, my Wifi kext doesn't work Don't understand the Migration Assistant part.
  5. I'll give it an try... thnks a lot Rene.. I'll get back as soon as i try. ______________________ Question.. I have an backup of my kexts.. If i try to install all of it with kext Utility and things go bad, can i get back to the original kext that i already back it up first? just doing the "cp and rm -Rv" on the -f on the boot?
  6. Thanks, I'll try that.. Let's see what happens.. So... when i tried to remove the framebuffer from Chameleon. Only worked on external monitor. HDMI didn't worked. When change the resolution to 1366x768 the OS reconize the laptop monitor. Looking into the IOregistry i find that the right framebuffer for me is Baboon. But still without QE_CI. Don't know what else to do.. Do you know how to roll back to 10.8.3? I don't have the time machine or any kind of backup. I think that this would be the best solution for me. Thanks Rene
  7. I already sort my EDID on the 10.8.3 because without it won't work. So... Looking deeper on the IORegistry, i didn't find the AMDFramebuffer and the AMDRadeonAccelerator.kext. If i type on IOregistry finder the two above, i wont find, only the AMD5000controler, AMDSupport and AMDRedwoodGrapphicsAccelerator I presume that AMDRadeonGraphicsAccelerator is the AMDRadeonAccelerator. I'm almost thinking in reinstall everything again with 10.8.3. There must be another way. lol Thanks for the Help Rene.
  8. Yes it load. On ATI it doesn't load on AMD load: AMDRadeonAccelerator.kext AMDSupport.kext AMD5000Controller.kext AMDFramebuffer.kext Just did the myFix on Myhack and the program uninstall my Wifi card. On my 10.8.3 i used Graphic Enabler=YES and Framebuffer=Eulemur (Already tried Hoolock) and it worked like a charm. Now, on 10.8.4, i'm still using the same config. But the graphic is not fully QE_CI. It reconize the ATI RADEON Hd 5650 but without QE_CI. Funny thing: I can't find AMDSupport, AMD5000Controller and AMDFramebuffer on S/L/E. Only the AMDRadeonAccelerator. And if i delete AMDRadeonAccelerator.kext the CPU restarts faster, but still without QE_CI.
  9. Thanks for your reply Rene. On grep ATI, nothing appears On grep AMD the output is: com.apple.kext.AMDSupport com.apple.kext.AMD5000Controller com.apple.kext.AMDFramebuffer what should i do. Thank you.
  10. Hi. I have some problems with my graphics too.. I have a Hd5650 0x68c1 1002. I had OSx 10.8.3 fully working QE_CI 1366x768 . I accidentaly update my OSx to 10.8.4. (12E55) Now the system reconize my Graphic but i don't have full QE_CI support. Somebody know what do i have to do? Thanks in advance.
  11. Ok tnks... but mine is HD5650. is there another thread to reply to my graphics?
  12. I did have fully QE_CI on 10.8.3, but when i accidentaly update to 10.8.4 i lost the QE_CI. The IOS still reconized my graphics but without QE_CI.
  13. Thanks Rene but the ATI5000Injector.kext didn't work.. let me try the link above.
  14. Do you have the Exotic QI_CE for hd 5650 series on ML 10.8.4 Build 12E55? tnx
  15. It worked on Atheros AR5B95 10.8.4
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