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  1. work on 10.9 but same problem of 88%... I try the pkg above but no fix for me. Maybe a update to fix 88% ?
  2. give again the folder for the audioHDA http://www.petit-fichier.fr/2013/07/14/dsdt-kext-sle-asus-k55/
  3. For the audio, try this dsdt in extra and add it to boot chameleon ( chameleon wizard ). install appleHDA + IOAudioFamily in S/L/E. remove voodooHDA and ( appleHDAdisable ). AppleHDa -- sound really best than voodoo. IOaudio -- fix sound after sleep. repair all with kext wizard. Normally, we have the same motherboad and audio. http://we.tl/SWaphxafu4
  4. hi, On my asus k55, the loading maximun of the battery remains to 88%. the time of use seems correct...
  5. new kext to manage battery. it's work for me. before always battery source, Now battery or AC. http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/files/file/92-applesmartbatterymanager/
  6. @diogo oki could you give adress post ? --- no way for my problem of reboot/wake up... so return to chameleon and MBR. chameleon work fine. --- what are you doing for update 10.8.4 work ?
  7. I can't fix the problem to restart after a wake up, no issue for the moment... something good wake-up and sometimes restart... arghh !! I will return soon to mbr and chameleon. You can have the appleHDA if you used the dsdt inside EFI/ACPI/patched
  8. Use a new tool for Clover --> http://www.osx86.net/view/3931-clover_configurator_1.0.html
  9. no, it's a information, nothing else you can't see osx partition but you can see bootloader clover ? I suppose that you are already read the clover instructions : http://www.osx86.net/guides-tutorials/19291-guide-clover-efi-bootloader.html
  10. you have a gpt or mbr partition !? you can load osx with your bootloader usb !? same thing for me if i want boot chameleon only via usb ( partition gpt ) clover used EFI boot UEFI BIOS: UEFI>CLOVERX64.EFI>OS chameleon boot to the 1er disk. BIOS boot: BIOS>MBR>PBR>BOOT>CHAMELEON>OS
  11. so on your efi volume, you have this folders : EFI, extensions, etc ... Have you check the exactly position of cloverx64.efi ? Have you try to update Clover with last one ? If you have osx with clover, tell me if you have a problem with wake up ! i have one and i can't now resolved ( restart after wake up )
  12. @diogo mornaly you used CLOVERX64.efi on your EFI Volume. used - efi tools clover EN - to mont efi volume.
  13. I don't have exactly the same motherboard but when i put my dsdt, kp !! Can you tell me what sort of patch have you used on your dsdt ? thanks I have a asus r500a - i5 3210M - one graphic card HD4000 - last bios for my MB 407 -
  14. update to 10.8.4 no problem for me just lost sound and wifi but solved by reload appleHDA/patch and a new kext wifi for 10.8.4 . For the guide that you ask, please wait, i have a new problem now, after sleep my laptop reboot :/ I begin with clover
  15. @edd this things can work without clover if you use a dsdt etc... ( maybe not imessage ) With install clover, it's more speed and my problem of turbospeed and another minor solved.
  16. oki resolved the wake up problem. Now another :/ I lost the sound after a wake up ! a idea why ? thanks in advance.
  17. with some settings, all work fine and really speed ^^ everythings^^ , appleHDA, speedsleep, wake up/down with display, turboboost... etc... a real mac
  18. thank for your guide Work on asus r500a - s?rie k55 - I5 -3210M - HD4000 -- All Work Just a problem, coming up sleeper, the pc reboot :/ but just sometimes...
  19. Hi, Install with clover is ok and more speed all enable with a appleHDA. first install with MyHack and follow the post : http://www.osx86.net/view/3609-asus_k55vm.html
  20. @diogo the laptop can work without dsdt, it's sometime necessary to start a hackintosh. You have kext work for Fn asus key and wireless. Kext used and noted on this post enjoy it ^^ I will remake a new install with clover, if it's work, i will make a feedback to you
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