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  1. How do I update the kext cache without OS X running yet? Through transmac? Because I used that to copy my kexts and delete them
  2. Thanks Mate, Will close the thread if this works, you've been a major help!
  3. Thanks noway, How do I disable my Radeon 7670M? Through the bios, through the installers, idk how?
  4. Hey Guys, I'm new to the hackintosh scene, and I need a hand with installing OS X on my Toshiba Satellite L850. I have got USB's for iAtkos ML2, iAtkos ML3U (My computer is UEFI and pre-installed Windows 8) and iAtkos Snow Leopard. Here is some info of my attempts at installing: ML2: I had trouble with this version after installing all the drivers in the Laptop category in the customize menu, but I also installed Graphics Enabler too. After install had finished, it went to the boot screen fine, but then froze on the spinning wheel after about 15 seconds. I tried running with GraphicsEnabler=No and Safe Mode, but still, no luck. ML3U: My friend, who has 3 PC's running OS X ML, as well as a Macbook, gave me ML3U after trying ML2. It was on a USB Stick like normal, and he isn't a dick so he wouldn't simply fake installing it. After I booted in UEFI mode and Secure Boot Disabled, I selected USB, and It gave me a Black Screen. Nothing. Nothing at all. Snow Leopard: My friend gave me a DVD of Snow Leopard iAtkos and when we installed, we installed with totally bare drivers. No Drivers at all. Then, after install we got a boot loop when you could J u s t see the apple logo, for like a millisecond, then my laptop would reboot. Any Help Would Be Appreciated! Thanks, itonykexts86
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