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  1. Hi guys I've just updated my fully working hackintosh to Macos sierra using clover and I'm facing this new problem that I've never seen before... Inever had any issues with previous versions, my specs are: Gigabyte h110m s2h, intel pentium G4500 skylake with integrated graphics. Thanks for your help Inviato dal mio iPhone utilizzando Tapatalk
  2. Hi guys, I've been using a fully working Hackintosh with Yosemite 10.5.5... Until 1 hour ago... I installed a security update which I tought was safe (only 128mb)... Now my system does not start... It doesn't even reach the apple boot logo.... Kernel problem or what? I'm using AMD Athlon II x2, 10gb Ram... Please help me [emoji24]
  3. Yup, the problem is that the ssd is way smaller than the original drive... Does Carbon allow to just move the os?
  4. Hi guys I've succesfully installed Osx10.10.1 on my computer... I ordered a 60gb ssd where I'd like to put the os and some software like final cut prox and logic, Is there anyway to move the OS on the ssd without loosing my files and configuration? Thank you
  5. Ok... What if I update to 10.10.5 better or worse?
  6. Ok I installe nvidia web drivers and partially solved the problem... It now only happens few times, randomly... Thank you
  7. Actually I tried few kernels and none of them solved the problem... I will look for other kernels
  8. Thank you, I'm using the "AMD1" kernel that is included in the distro
  9. Hi guys I've succesfully installed Osx Yosemite 10.10.1 on my HP computer (4gb ram, AMD Athlon 2 X2, Nvidia GeForce 210). Everything works fine except some little problem... I guess I should fix my graphic card framebuffer because I got some graphic glitches in web pages or launchpad or login screen (see pics)... Any suggestions on how to do it? My card is recognized by the system without any kext, just GE=Yes,and I got full res, trasparences and (I guess) qe/ci working (can play chess, and run adobe premiere fine) Can please someone help me fix this?
  10. Didn't think about frame buffer... Thanks man! Any tips on how to do it? Any help?
  11. Ok, I managed to make my ethernet work, but I still get those weird glitches [emoji20] Plus it recognizes my processor as an Intel Core2Duo so I can't run ProTools wich requires SSSE3 [emoji24]
  12. Thanks for sharing, my installation runs very smooth... If only I could fix theese bugs [emoji20] I'm now trying to fix the ethernet issue so I can work without always switch to Windows... Frustrating [emoji23]
  13. Hi guys, hope somebody's gonna help me into this mess I'm going through... I'm Italian by the way, sorry for my english... Here's the thing: I managed to Install N{censored} Yosemite 10.10.1 on my hp PC but I got few weird problems... My AMD processor (AthlonII x2 220) is recognized as an Intel (what???) and my graphic card (Nvidia Geforce G210 512mb) is recognized by the system (I got all effects and transparencies + full resolution) but the all thing has some graphic glitches in itunes and launchpad (see pics)... Plus my lan interface (nforce by realtek I suppose) is not working at all, It works with nforcelan.kext but keeps loosing connection and Safari keeps reloading pages... Here's my bootflags: npci=0x3000 GraphicsEnabler=Yes BuiltInEthernet=Yes USBLegacyOff=Yes Any help would mean the world to me Thank you
  14. Yes,it is a laptop,a Dell Inspiron 1564 with intel i3 and ATI 4330 HD.... When I try to add a Widget to the dashboard I can see water ripples so I think that QE/CI in enabled but I can't play 3D games such as chess and others :/ Could it be a framebuffer problem???? (Sorry but I don't understand what u mean with "Dual graphics" :/ )
  15. Hi guys I have a full working installation of Lion 10.7.2 except for 3 problems... 1) My computer It's always VERY HOT!!! Also with very light apps,and I can't modify fan speed...I think It's a DSDT problem... 2)I have a full graphic resolution with QE/CI and translucent effects but everytime I try to play 3D games they freeze or crash... 3) If I try to update to another version of Lion (10.7.4/5) or Mountain Lion my graphic card is no more recognized and I can only have full resolution without QE/CI Please help me solve these problems I'm going crazy :'(
  16. Thank you all guys,problem solved
  17. Hi guys,I was tryin' to fix some problems with my DSDT (fan,power,etc) when I had the brilliant idea to delete the fakesmc.kext... (Shame on me) Fortunately,I made a backup that I have on my desktop. Since I have no windows partition,can you please explain me,step by step,how to move the kext from desktop to its native folder via Single User Mode??? Any help would be appreciated,thanks
  18. Mmmmmmm nothing new...They're the same kexts I already had before :/ ....Up???
  19. Hello everybody... I succesfully installed iAtkos L2 on my Dell Inspiron 1564. Everything works fine (also QE/CI with full resolution and translucent effects) but everytime I try to run 3D games such as The sims 3,GTA and other titles from the appstore they freeze...Moreover my CPU temperature is higher than in windows (64 degrees vs 52 degrees) and battery drains very fast (10 min on mac vs 1h on windows!!!)... Can you please help me to fix theese problems??? I wanna play The sims Thank you!
  20. All problems solved!!!! Thanks man!!! Love you!!! One more question...Can you explain me why my system has become very slow after 10.7.5 update??? :/ Launchpad is laggy and games crash...The weird thing is that my screen resolution seems to be ok Should I try to update to Mountain Lion? Thanks
  21. Hi guys!!! After a full working installation of Lion,I decided to update from 10.7.4 to 10.7.5.....All fine but games crashed and the Launchpad app was very laggy.... I thought it was a QE/CI problem so I enabled the graphic mode from the Chameleon's settings...Rebooted the computer and......BLACK SCREEN :'( I tried to start the computer in safe mode but It did not work Help me please!!! I had all my work for an exam there :'( Thank you!!!!
  22. Mario94M

    Games???? :/

    Do you think It's a kext problem ??? Because all worked fine with 10.7.4 :/
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