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  1. Hi, I have a Sony Vaio PCG-71311M/VPCEB4E4E?and I want to install iAtkos ML2 on it just like I did on my PC. The specs are 4GB RAM. HM55 Chipset. i5-540M. Thats all I know. I keep getting still looking for root device? Im using the usb mac method used on their site... Oh and I have a 500GB SATA Hard Drive in the laptop ?and there were 3 partitions in it, 2 were system recovery and 1 was windows 7. Should I delete everything on it?
  2. Can we have some specs of your PC? So at least we could give you some advice on what to install?
  3. Is it worth it? I mean I have a 250GB SATA drive with 200GB worth of stuff and an empty 160GB IDE drive... I really don't want to move everything to the IDE and get an external hard drive to store the rest... I mean is there going to be a very big difference? I might use it for Music Production so is that going to affect the speed? If so, I might as well install on the SATA...
  4. Hello, I recently managed to get my USB ready to boot the iATKOS ML2 installation however once I got into the ML2 installation, I went into Disk Utility and I could only find my USB Drives there. I connected via IDE. So then I connected my SATA drive and rebooted the system. It found the SATA Drive. However, I don't want to install on the SATA drive, I want to install on the IDE Drive. How do I make the IDE Drive visible on the Disk Utility? PS: I used this installation guide: Guide::Creating OS X USB installer using a Windows PC only - Tutorials (The Genius Bar) - InsanelyMac Forum EVERYTHING IS WORKING BUT I JUST CANT SEE MY IDE DRIVE IN THE DISK UTILITY, THUS I CANNOT INSTALL MAC ON IT!
  5. Oh, I fixed it using this Guide: Guide::Creating OS X USB installer using a Windows PC only - Tutorials (The Genius Bar) - InsanelyMac Forum However, I just instaleld Transmac and copied the ML2 to the USB there...
  6. I still haven't found a cure for this! When I get the USB ready, no errors occur... I just follow the video. But when I boot, it wouldn't even boot! In the BIOS, my motherboard sees the USB, USB: KINGSTON, but when it tries to boot it is stuck on a black screen with a white line blinking forever!!! I am getting the USB ready on my Powerbook G4 (PowerPC) and I recently installed a torrent version of Leopard on it without failure.
  7. Wait, I don't understand that? Can you be more specific? Like can you say: 1) Open Disk Utility 2)... And so on?
  8. It's been nearly 1 day and no reply EDIT: I just looked at the video again, And I saw that the files size was 5.98 GB while my ML2 file size is 4.98 GB... I even checked other videos and there's was 5.98 GB... Plus, I didn't get that wooden screen... EDIT: I'm re-downloading iATKOS from the original website torrent and it still said 4.98 GB, maybe it becomes a bigger size when mounted? Still, I didn't get a wooden screen thing. Maybe it's because my Powerbook G4 doesnt support it? I have Leopard 10.5.8 installed?
  9. Hello, I have this problem right now. damian01211, vcan you tell me how you fixed it?
  10. Hello, I'm new to the Hackintosh scene and I've been trying to install ML2 to my pc, here are the specs: Mobo: ASUS P5Q-SE CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E7400 RAM: 4GB PCU: GeForce 9500GT Yeah, so, I've been trying to install ML2 to this pc via USB. I did exactly what it says on this video:iATKOS - How to make a bootable iATKOS ML2 USB Drive - Mac only - YouTube I got my USB ready using my Powerbook G4 (Leopard 10.5.8 installed). I have never installed Mac on my PC. So, I got the iAtkos file, checked the md5 of it and got the original bootloader from the website and I got the USB ready. I then went to BIOS and I set to AHCI and I put the USB to primary boot, I don't have a UEFI mobo. So, here's where the problem comes, I rebooted my PC and then when it tries to boot the USB, nothing comes up only a black screen with a white line blinking. I have left my PC for more than 5 hours yet it still hasn't left that black screen with the white blinker on it. Have I done something wrong? I am eager to install Mac on my Computer, I don't care which as long as it's working. PS: It took my 2-3 hours to restore the ML2 on my USB.
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