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  1. i5 4570 Gigabyte B85-HD3 6 Gig ram removed 2 for installation so only 4 Sapphire Dual-X 7850 1GB Bootloader is clover for UEFI. I'm trying to install from usb it stucks at Apple logo when i try to boot it normally. when i use npci=0x2000 slide=0 -v i get this http://i.imgur.com/U2uNTe8.jpg when i use npci=0x2000 slide=0 -x -v http://i.imgur.com/r7K97lW.jpg when i use npci=0x2000 slide=0 WithKexts -v http://i.imgur.com/Fkn72Jb.jpg I don't know what to do now. I'll try to install Mavericks if someone tried it with compatible bootloader.
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