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  1. Hi, how do you install it on El Capitan Gynekolog? I've got installation failed because of "not for this OS X version". I'm on El Capital GM. ? Thanks.
  2. prusten

    Wireless mouse working randomly

    Thanks Hackin360, my Yosemite is Public Beta version. I'll try rollback method. Nice day.
  3. Hi, ? I don't know if this is Yosemite or Clover but I have a really strange problem: ? Since I upgraded my Hackintosh to Yosemite from Mavericks with Clover bootloader that I installed (replacing Chameleon) just before upgrading operation, my (logitech) wireless mouse works only at Clover boot screen and sometime (really rarely) in Yosemite. The USB Fix in Clover Configurator didn't help. ? Thanks for your advice, ? Prusten,?
  4. prusten

    AR9227 for Mavericks

    It works for me, TL-851ND on Mavericks. ? Many thanks,
  5. prusten

    Atheros 9287 kext for 10.8.4

    I found the "Solution"! A really silly one: Manually boot with "-f" and wifi work each time! It's silly, I know but at least it works . Hope someone can teach me something better
  6. prusten

    Atheros 9287 kext for 10.8.4

    I've tried adding Device ID to AiportAtheros40, install kext then reboot and: It worked! But juste one time, after the first reboot from the kext installation. From next reboot, it say again: "no hardware installed" . Please help! Thanks
  7. prusten

    Atheros 9287 kext for 10.8.4

    The kext seems not work for me, I can't turn wifi on because of "no hardware installed". Any idea to fix that? Thanks. (I have 10.8.4, retail copy installed with U{censored} method on a Vostro 220 E7500 PC).
  8. prusten

    (Updated) OSX 10.9.4 Atheros AR9287

    Sorry, silly question maybe but I can't find the DeviceMergeNub.kext. Could you show me where it is? Thanks.

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