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  1. Ok I am having some problems. ?I have searched everywhere and have been unable to come up with a solution. ?First off I have a dual boot Win8.1/OSX 10.9 system using chameleon bootloader. ?Windows is installed on an SSD and OSX is installed on the first partition of a 1TB HD. ?The 2nd partition on the OSX boot drive is a shared drive for data. ?I have tuxera installed because NTFS-3g/osxfuse was giving me the same issue. ? ? The issue is that everytime I write files from my mac install to the shared D drive and then boot into windows the files are gone. ?If I change files that were already there (example itunes library) the files become corrupted and unusable on either OS. ?When I am in Mac the files are usuable writable and seem to have no issues. ?It is only when I go back to windows I have problems. ?This does not happen on my external drive (also NTFS). ? Research pointed me to hibernation issues. ?I had already disable windows hibernation via registry edit, but learned that the windows fast boot option is a type of hibernation. ?I could not find the option to disable fast boot on my PC and realized it is because it is a laptop. ?I went ahead and disabled this feature with a bat file i downloaded anyway. ?The problem I saw with this theory is hibernation files of any kind should be written to the C drive, which I have disabled from mounting in OSX. ? This has lead me to believe it is something on my mac end. ?Has anyone experienced similar issue? have any ideas? solution? ? Sorry if this is confusing it is hard to explain and search for. ?Thanks in advance for any feedback ? ? More details on my system from my build post a while ago (since then I added the share drive and migrated my install to the larger HD. ?updated to OSX mavericks and it automatically fixed my hdmi issue.) http://www.hackintoshosx.com/topic/18324-clevo-p150em-hackintosh/
  2. Hey I was unable to upload but pm me, and I will gladly send. You will need the voodoo hda prefpane, and voodoohda settings loader also. The first time it boots it will make a ridiculously loud screaching noise. To fix just go to system preferences, voodoohda, and turn the input value to 0. Set voodoohda settings loader to startup with your mac
  3. Ok so no responses, but it looks like people are reading the thread. I have made some progress on my own so I figured id update with changes and better details. Graphics: First off I should mention that this is an optimus laptop. I have been unable to figure out a way to use apple's "optimus like software" to get the Nvidia 670mx working. I got Intell HD4000 graphics running with full QE by injecting the Platform ID that ended in "4". This apparently has no HDMI or DVI ports. From what I can see I will have no video out support because of this, unless I can get the Nvidia card running. It is recognized which I guess is good news, but at the moment no go for that card. Overall the graphics situation could be much worse. Everything works fine on the Intel side of things except for HDMI, HD videos, games all run smoothly especially for integrated graphics. CPU: I have an Intel i7 3630QM. This seems to work natively with no additional kexts. I did remove the nullpowermanagement.kext thing by editing apple's native powermanagement kext. This solved all sleep wake problems I was experiencing and seemed to make the whole system run smoother (could be a coincidence). One question I have is about the turbo boost feature. From what I understand it is supported by apple, but I have no good way to test it. When I play Assassins Creed it sits around 2.2 ghz, but temps are 78-80 celcius. This leads me to believe that it is not working, but I don't know for sure. Anyone know of a good way to test this?? Battery: Simple fix by using voodoobatery.kext. Now shows accurate percentage Built in Camera. Able to use on most programs. For some reason photobooth continues to load unsuccessfully unless the camera is already on in a program like facetime. Built in Fingerprint Scanner: Installed Authentec True Suite (latest version) and the fingerprint scanner is not recognized. It does show it in the system profiler tho. Networking: Ethernet. Was able to get running with a combination of kexts. One to actually get the port recognized (builtinEthernet something or other), and the other to actually use it in OS X (RTL81xx). Now works great at full speeds Networking: Wireless. AR9485 card is not supported or even working on anything that I have seen or read about. No signs of this getting fixed anytime soon, this is going o bug the s*** out of me but whatever. I do not want to replace the card because it works fine on the windows side and I use the Bluetooth quite a bit. from what I have read I would have to get a wireless only card, thus losing bluetooth. I am picking up a USB adapter tomorrow, probably the asus n10. Audio. This was a tough one I have a newer Realtek HD Audio card. I had tried voodoohdaudio.kext but they didn't work. I ended up finding a newer version and with a little editing I got it working just fine, speakers, headphones, mic. Still have not tested all four ports for full surround sound, but probably will never use it. USB: found a kext for Bluetooth 3.0 ports (forgot the name) and all is well in this department. So aside from the fingerprint scanner, hdmi, and wireless, this was a pretty successful hack. With a wireless dongle it will be good enough for what I will use this partition for. It would be great If I could get switchable graphics working in the future, but for now the HD4000 will work. That's pretty much it, any questions please let me know!
  4. On another note I am having a hard time downloading kext files. It constantly says I have reached my daily download limit when I have not downloaded anything in 2 days. Also when I try to donate I cannot read the language and am not able to use paypal.
  5. I generally dont post in forums, because I have almost always found what i needed in existing ones. I owned a Macbook in College and loved it. I had one of the first intel models with a dual boot windows XP. I bought this new computer because I am in the Army and wanted a portable gaming platform for my travels, and windows was the best OS for that. After about a month I missed my Mac, especially for things such as music, photos and iPhone syncing. Thats when I started my research. I am building a dual boot OS X and Windows 8 PC. I have successfully installed 10.8.4 after about two weeks of torture. I have got graphics (Intel HD4000, not my Nvidia 670mx yet), sound (realtek HDA), and all the other essentials like keyboard (backlight included), built in cam, trackpad and USB 3.0 ports all working. I have an Atheros AR9485 wireless card, and from what I have found this is not yet running successfully on anyone's Hackintosh. For now I am using my windows partition, and my iPhone (USB) for internet on my Hackintosh. Really the only big things I am missing is the wireless/ethernet, switchable graphics for my Intel HD4000 (working), and my Nvidia 670MX (not working). In addition to that my built in fingerprint scanner is not working or recognized by OS X. If anyone has any suggestions on how to get these working it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks specs are Intel core i7 2.6GH Nvidia 670MX/Intel HD4000
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