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  1. So i think 10.7.3 is fine to update to right ... and where did u get call of duty from ?? Is it MW1??
  2. Btw i can run office for mac 2011 .. its running fine on my pc ... how can i see if the app is running in 32 bit mode or 64 bit ???
  3. Wat 32bit app r u using ?? Let me know and let me see i can install and check....
  4. Can u tell me , wat kernel panic u got ? I mean u remember it ? yeah I m on 10.7.2 but I m happy with it as its running super fast with no kernel panics at all ... Yeah I can run 32bit apps as well ...
  5. Got it .. Hope the problem is solved asap
  6. I have to backup the above files from 10.7.2 and copy after the update? I am using MB{censored} after updating though. ..
  7. I would rather suggest u to se iAtkos L2 .. Its lion but stable and wait for iAtkos ML release ... I m using iAtkos L2 and evrything is working perfect ... 100% working hackintosh ...
  8. I couldn't resolve the problem I couldn't resolve the problem I dont have a laptop, i have a desktop , specs are in the sig
  9. I cannot fix the problem .. I m just fed up ... So i think i will stay with 10.7.2 .. Coz thats working 100% without sleep though but i dont need that .. I am okay without sleep
  10. Okz no problem ... I thought it looks cool .. And everyone who is replying to the thread sees that sig and he hopes that the guy i online and will reply soon ... So thats helpful ... Anyways .. Its ok
  11. There is a different procedure if u r installing on virtualbox ... Look for tutorial on youtube ... U will find one
  12. Hi, I am also having same problem .. but when i update to 10.7.4, not before.. and i am still trying to fix the problem .. as soon as i fix the problem .. i will get back to this thread and help you too .. Thanks
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