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  1. ? Hi, anyone knows another alternative to this mini-pci-e card for Snow Leopard?
  2. Splendid! It's weird that on their website they don't mention these points!!! I have 32 bit SL 10.6.8. As explained below, issue was that the WirelessUtility from RT2870 couldn't be run on my system. I had to take WirelessUtility from RT2860 and mix it with kext file inside RT2870 to make wireless to work! For future reference, the driver as mentioned on Ralink website for SL 10.6 (named as RTUSB D2870- UI-, even as of now, doesn't work on SL! You have to install the Leopard package which is in STA_RT2860D- I have DWA-125. At this time, when you plug in the dongle, it doesn't pick up the signal. The reason is that the kext file is not proper and indeed the kext file inside RTUSB D2870- UI- is what will work. Extract the archive with Pacifist and install RT2870xxx.kext. Now, go to /System/Library/Extensions and remove RT2860xxx.kext. After restart, I had wireless. Yaaay!
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