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  1. Version 2


    Moutain Lion !! After a mandatory update from 10.8.4 to 10.8.5 ~Not all Broadcom devices where not supported in this new update. For device 8449 that is 0x2101 that was not working anymore after the update to 10.8.5 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Open up your "SystemInformation" goto "USB" and find your BluetoothDevice. Get the "ProductID" in this case its 0x2101 convert this Hex number to DEC and you will get 8449. In case of broadcom look for it inside the IOBluetootfam.kext The name or ID that is in the info.plist that is closest to your own ID " in SystemInformation 8449"
  2. Version 2.0


    DSDT for the asus p6t deluxe. It is patched and wil get the NIC is system summary appear as GIGE and not as Ethernet. When the two NIC devices are detected. you can just alter "IONetworkingFamily.kext" to edit the value "ID" of your marvell yukon NIC. Only tested on p6t de luxe with 2 x marvell yukon NIC
  3. Allright.. After trying the fakeSMC you provided . I got working and tried the FakeSMC that was Bundle with Multibeat 5. After enabling the NIC in bios, Booting with or without the DTSD gives me the same results. It hangs on the (PCI configuration Begin ) I already tried boot flags NPCI=2000/3000 but nu luck there The picure is with the lates bundles version of fakeSMC from MB{censored}. BootFlags: -V DTSD=No PCIRootUID=0
  4. John John.. thanks for the reply !! muchos welkomed indeed. I will try the FakeSMC right Away . .. Tried the SMC. With the boot flags: PCIRootUID=0 DTSD=No -V the system will boot. But when I Enable the mic in the Bios. the system halts on something that resembles the photo I posted. (BTW ,.,. system will boot with NIC enabled But I edited the IONetworkfamily.kext>AppleYukon2.kext>Info.Plist Changed the primary Id so it matches the Id of the NIC. After the edit, and If enabled. system halts But john, thank you for pointing me in the right direction !!
  5. ok.. I got rid. of the DSDT Booting with -v PCIRootUID=0 NPCI=3000 ( in bios i enabled NIC 2) System Hangs on.. AppleIntelCPUPowerManagementClient: ready Will go on , and on...
  6. Thank you , i will try that one.. Fist im reinstalling OSX (again) I edited some keys in info.plist (appleYukon2) according to the 56 marvell yukon ID. Disabled the Network cards in the bios, rebooted with DSTD=NO And the system Rebooted. Now when i enable the network card in the bios. the system hangs.
  7. Did it work before ? Did you alter something ? btw i stumbled on a post ATI HD5670 Fully working with (QE/CI) - New Users Lounge - InsanelyMac Forum Maybe that is helpful. Btw,, you would assume that this is a GFX card issue probably kext related. But if you use the boot flags " -v GraphicsEnabler=No " and when arrived at the login screen.. are your graphics still distorted ? If they arent then its most likely driver related.
  8. bump... Next try i did. was editing the "info.plist" in IONetworkingfamily.kext>Plugins>AppleYukon2.kext changed the "Yukon-88E8053" to 56 . set the IOPrimaryMatch to "0x436411ab" Then i closed and saved the Info.plist. I used Kext Utility to install this kext. Meaning I draged the copy of IOnetworkingFamily.kext (desktop) and dropped it on to the KextUtillity. It installs it, does the repair of the permissions. Then i go to System/Library/Extensions And check on the IONetworkingFamily.kext ( Get Info) if the permissions are all ok. ( root wheel and system ) Then i restart the system, and it will hang during the pci config. I must be doing Something wrong if the system hangs on altering just a few characters. maybe its permissions > ( utterly stuck here )
  9. For ream.. Indeed I'm not saying I know how it works. Cause I don't.. But I will try that solution. And report back if it works for me. Cheers
  10. Hello no name. Your post made me doubt myself. So I checked again. The kext is confirmed working under lion. And "unknown" under mountain lion. And having tried this kext on ml 10.8.4 I can confirm that it does not work.
  11. Hello everyone. First.. U{censored} installation, " boot flag PCIRootUID=0" then after the install i used MB{censored} ( user DSDT or Nodsdt) Extracted the DSDT from the hardware, and MB{censored} picks it up. At this point i have a nice working desktop loading OSX 10.8.4. Ive been at it for more than a week ( reinstall / retry ) now that i dont have any hairs left to pull out, im raising this question to you guys. What I did do make the network.. work. Installed multiple *kext files (that are supposed to work) Used "kextbest, kext utility, kext wizard) Or even manual. After installing a kext in I.E. Kext wizard i gor to maintanance in the " kext wizard" and rebuild permissions. Most of the time After the install, The system wont boot up anymore. even with, " -x DTSD=No, " Could anyone point me in the right direction, as in where to look and how to install a kext properly.. obviously im doing it wrong,. Thank you all in advance
  12. Duh ,. figures,,. If the compatibility messages are accurate, this kext is only confirmed compatible with SL .. at least an older OSX. Mountain lion is a 64 bit kernel , and i dont think it would even swallow this kext.. ( coming from a OSC86 crew member is a FAIL )
  13. Here on ML 10.8.4 installed this kext using kext utility. After that system hangs on the (starting pc configuration) Who comes up with these compatibility notes stating that this kext will work with ML 10.8.. It obviously Does NOT..
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