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  1. Hello, I am having some issues installing mac through VirtualBox, VMWare and even tried to install to the computer itself. I may need some kext's, bootflags, something to help. I have tried everything. Cant get it to boot after installing with apple logo, or i get kernal panic, or constant reboots. System Specs: Computer: Samsung Series 3: NP365E5C-S05US CPU: AMD A6-4400M HDD: 500GB Ram: 8GB Attempts Made and results: iTAKOS v2 (Snow Leopard): Computer Install: Installs fine, but gets stuck at bootloading screen, with no loader circle. VMWare/VirtualBox: Attempts Install, Kernel Panics. SnowLeopard by Hazard: Computer Install: Kernel Panics at install, sometimes may install successfully. But kernel panics at boot screen. Can anyone help me find a proper kext, bootflag, whatever to help me to fix this? At least so i can try to install either on VMWare or VirtualBox, or even regular computer install (Most perfered). I need help badly. If help isnt possible, well please tell me that its just impossible on this AMD System. -Thanks
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