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  1. hollow! can you drive my video card ati hd 4350 thanks a lot 

    1. Tom Yao

      Tom Yao

      hollow! can you drive my video card ati hd 4350 thanks a lot 

  2. Try with this CONFIG : ? ||| _|||_ \??? / ? \/ http://www.4shared.com/zip/PjV1dEayce/Config_CLOVER_HD3000-4000serie.html ?
  3. Yeah its works! Thanks. My rig desktop: - Intel Core i3 430; MB Foxconn H55MX-S; RAM 3GB DDR3; HD 320SATA; ATI 4350 DDR2 512MB - Sound ok! (using voodooHDA) - LAN ok! (RTL 8111) - VGA ok full QE/CI
  4. try with bootflag: -v npci=0x2000 PCIRootUID=1 UseKernelCache=No
  5. Version 1.0


    I've bundled essential kexts for mobo Gigabyte GA-G31M-ES2L no DSDT. Just put into folder: /Extra, do repair permission : #chown -R 0:0 /Extra #chmod -R 755 /Extra
  6. I've never tried installing 10.9 Mavericks are using this way, I've been using the method myHackInstaller Beta installation + InstallESD.dmg. Indeed, at the time of installation, there are several post-installation bugs such rudimentary information display this Mac. I was looking for a solution.
  7. Worked on ML 10.8.2, can change resolution (My own 1366x768@60Hz LCD 18.5"), but no QE/CI.
  8. I hope, you must try it. Because hackintosh is entertain.
  9. For experiment try with other HDD, install ML stand alone without other OS, single boot!
  10. what install metode you used? If you use retail metode, you can use Retail/GM ML + MyHack, bootflag: -v -f
  11. Version 1.0


    ATI5000Injector 1.0, included : - Hd5450 - Kext Helper b7 - SystemInfo Kext: ATi 5000injector Yang diperluhkan hanya ATI5000injector.kext, ATI5000controller.kext & ATIRadeionX3000.kext Tools: Kext Helper b7 Buat nginstall kext. System Info : Buat mengetahui vendor id dan hardware id. Step by step: 1. Jalankan System Info dan catat vendor id serta hw id, punya saya kurang lebih seperti ini 0x68F91002. 2. Edit ketiga file kext tersebut diatas, cari IOPCIMatch ditambahkan 0x68F91002 (sesuai hwid) 3. Setelah semua kext diedit, kemudian restart. Result: Hasilnya cukup memuaskan yaitu full resolusi, QE/CI juga. Screenshoot: Layar Dekstop Resolution ====================== Shared by: @cysco,,,,,on,,,mac-inul_DOT_com
  12. After you already place all kext into folder /Extra, system should be loaded dsdt.aml and smbios.plist. All kext is original vanilla. Basicaly, only modif dsdt and smbios.
  13. until now, can't supported. Only Intel HD Graphics 3000 is supported, integrated with procie SandyBridge
  14. What parts has working well? such as VGA/Wi-Fi. About mic, try with DSDT patching!
  15. Vanilla Kernel can't support AMD cpu's. You must use non vanilla kernel, try with qoopsz 10.3.0.
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