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  1. I just finished the 10.9.4 update (after typical AppleHDA crap). I didn't need the improved WiFi reliablity since my hack sits on my desk and is wired, but I do notice a slightly speedier boot and Safari seems a bit quicker as well. ? Overall it seems to be a "no harm - no foul" deal with minor benefits.? ? **UPDATE** Spoke too soon. VirtualBox Win8.1 Pro session crashed during startup. May need tweaking.
  2. ? Frankly, I can't remember where I found that wallpaper. I think I just googled "Mac-themed backgrounds" and got a site with dozens of free images, which I acquired greedily. In fact I rotate my backgrounds every 5 minutes just because I bore easily. ? Update: Here's the link... ? http://www.hdwallpaperpc.com/show-wallpaper/Apple_Mac_Desktop_Apple_Desktop_Mac_Desktop_Blueprint_38093.html
  3. This has been a minor annoyance since I did the ML to Mavericks upgrade last October: The Eject button on my keyboard doesn't work anymore. The eject tool on the menu bar works, and so does the "drutil eject" terminal command. ? Is there a fix for this?
  4. Does anyone on the forum have experience with this CPU in a B75 mobo? I'm considering an upgrade to an i7, but I don't need the embedded graphics. I understand this Xeon is very similar to an i7 minus the graphics support.
  5. I needed the Mavericks installer to make a U{censored} bootable stick. I'd discarded my original installer, and since the App Store can be slow, I visited Piratebay and downloaded the installer files from there. Unfortunately the pirate package was incomplete or damaged so the U{censored} setup failed every time I tried it. So decided to go back to the App Store and let it take whatever time it needed to download the installer to me again. However, the App Store detected the defective Mavericks installer (the pirate package) on my system and filled in the Apple ID from it in such a way that I couldn't change it. Evidently each Mavericks installer has the Apple ID associated with the original download embedded within it. ? I trashed the pirate installer. Rebooted and went back to the App Store, and viola! The Store let me use my Apple ID. The Mavericks installer was downloaded normally, and I was then able to make a bootable U{censored} stick.
  6. Never mind, I figured out the problem. All is well. Thanks to all who took a look and wondered what might be wrong.
  7. The App Store shows me logged in but When I try to download something there's a strange email address in the Apple ID field which is greyed and which I can't change or overtype. ? Have I been hacked?
  8. I need more USB ports, but I'm disinclined to buy a powered hub because of the desktop clutter. I know that Sonnet Technologies makes expansion cards which work natively on OS X, however, the most suitable Sonnet product, a 4-port USB 3.0 PCI-E card, is out of production and has been replaced with a Firewire/USB combo device. Since I have no Firewire device I'm less interested in that product. ? Does anyone know of a good substitute PCI-E solution?
  9. I use the same board. My upgrade to 10.9 from 10.8.5 was completely successful yet more complicated than yours. On first boot I noticed that network support was limited until I used the latest MB{censored} to update the Realtek NIC extension.
  10. What motherboard and CPU are you using. Many problems with 10.8.5 involve RealTek HDA. Try disabling onboard audio in BIOS (or UEFI, whatever applies) and then reboot. If OSX settles down to the desktop (but w/o sound, naturally) then you'll know more.
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