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  1. Hi, the other day i was using ubuntu to check my hardware and looking for the motherboard model i found this: ? -Board- Name : NP300E5C-A02ES Vendor : SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS CO., LTD. ? Anyone knows if this motherboard is similar to another one like, gigabyte, asus, intel etc.... ?I need the kexts for my hackintosh setup and i haven't found references to my hardware. ? Thanks
  2. Hi all, i've got snow leopard installed on my samsung np300 e5c laptop, but i've been trying to setup the audio in many ways and i can't get it. ? I don't really know what i'm doing wrong, i'm a newbie on hackintosh and i don't know what are the steps i should follow. ? I hope you can help me. ?Thanks
  3. I've been looking around websites and i have found that i can use a virtual machine to install macos, i'll try in that way.
  4. Ok, i thank you for your answer but...... the first thing i need, according to that guide is that i need a machine running OS X, and that's a bad start, cause i haven't.
  5. Hola, llevo algunos dias intentando instalar macos x leopard 10.5 en un laptop Samsung 300e5c A02S, y a pesar de que he seguido las instrucciones de varios tutoriales, siempre llego al mismo punto, el kernel panic. Me baje el iB{censored}, y tengo el dvd de macos leopard, pero por mas que lo intento no hay manera. Os dejo un archivo de texto que tiene todos los datos de hardware de mi laptop, en principio no hay ninguna incompatibilidad, pero quizas este pasando algo por alto. ? Gracias por la ayuda. hardinfo_report.txt
  6. Hi all, i send you the info of my computer, i'd like to know if it's possibleto install macos x Leopard 10.5 on my laptop samsung 300e5c with this specs. I've been trying to install using the iB{censored} and the macos dvd, but all the time i ?get the kernel panic message. ? Please help me. ? Thanks a lot. ? ? hardinfo_report.txt
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