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  1. Hello Hackintoshers,? I'm new to this forum and i was wondering if hackintosh Yosemite will work on my laptop smoothly( audio, wifi, brightness control, cooler, batterie, ... )? Here are my asus's specs :? Nvidia 820m *****
  2. after i succefuly installed this system .. and after i rebooted my laptop .. it hangs on an apple logo with the Spinning Wheel .. Any suggestion will be much much appreciated ! :s? Here is the verbose picture ( attached thumb )? ?
  3. It's an Integrated HD GRAPHICS ( see my attached picture ) it's not an hd 3000 or hd 4000?
  4. Thanks plaudan for ur help ! But for the integrated graphic card ? Can i at least have something for the graohics acceleration ??
  5. well .. finally ?i installed it .. but i'm finding so much trouble in finding kexts for WIFI , AUDIO and Graphics ! a snapshot from the SystemInfoWIn if anyone can help in finding them ! ?
  6. how can i install those kexts if i don't even have ACCESS the actual MAC ? How can i modify kexts Inside the N{censored}'s DVD installer ?!?
  7. i have successfuly installed mountain lion using N{censored}'s method however in order to complete the installation after i'm told to RESTART the computer to set??( language , user account password ... ) it's freezed ! .. can not move mouse or? use keyboard .. ( they worked fine during the INSTALLATION PROCESS ) Same thing when i go on -s ( single user mode ) in order to have root access , the KEYBOARD does not work !
  8. i googled it .. tried all the bootflags suggested .. DIDN'T WORK .. a big fail in my very first hackintosh
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