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  1. ? Nothing, the adapter don't see neither the iphone enabled, bluetooth mouse or any other devices... i think is the adapter don't work correctly...
  2. Hi! I have succefully installed the Kext for my USB Bluetooth Key Atheros AR3000 on Mavericks... I've installed the RehabMan Kext Generic for 3K Atheros Device ? The Mac read the key and all the bluetooth setting come on... but when try to find device, like keyboard or other nothing appears... remaing searching over and over... ? Any Suggest?? ? This is the Technincal Data of the adapter ? Product ID: 0x3005 Manufactor ID: 0x0cf3? (Atheros Communications, Inc.)
  3. ? It Worked!!!! Thank You! Now i have a little problem... very stupid instead... When i start my PC the DVD drive eject... and every times i try to close it, it rejump out... what i have to do for fix tho problem? Second Thing... The CPU/Network Monitor are completely free... all data is 0 or 0%... it's normal? or some kexts are missing and the motherboard are not working correctly?
  4. ? I can't retrieve this information, because the installation won't start... i have only a grey screen... when i use the igpu and gtx690 i have the same problem... a rainbow circle as mouse puntator, and no other else... the system is stucked here... nothing else... i think the problem is not in the video card but in something in the mobo...
  5. I Know... now i've removed the GTX 690 from the system and i try to reinstall them... the installer goes in kernel panic when start with -v only... ? Now the video card is not present... i have only! 2 SSD 1 DVD Reader, the P8Z77-V-PRO Motherboard with 16Gb of RAM, intel core i7 3770 1155, and the Soundcard Asus Xonar D1... ?but when i try to start the installer with -v appear only a grey background and nothing else!!!! it's appear something only with the -x flag... ? I think is not the GTX 690 the problem...? ? On my motherboard i have some jumper that activate/deactivate some particularly function... like Turbo V and EPU... i have to DEACTIVATE them? ? Last Edit: I have turned off the switch of EPU e TPU, now the things have more clearly... the install boot correctly with only GraphicsEnabler=No, but in the first DVI PORT of the GTX 690 the screen are Grey with no input on it... in the other DVI PORTS the screen is grey but with the rainbow round circle... What it's mean that?
  6. Problem one... i Can remove the Kext, but i can't run my hack to fix the permission and the cache, because my hack don't work in Secure mode, and my pc only boot in this mode... ? If i use the smbios of MacPro 3.1 the system crash during boot. ? I've installed the system with Pandora because my hack installer don't boot without -x... the problem is the same... in the installer and in the installed system... i don't know what i have to do... I have a dedicated sound card.. .Asus Xonar D1... can be here the problem? that the system crash with this card?
  7. When i start install with only -v and GraphicsEnabler=No appear a Gray screen with the colored circle permanently... Nothings happen...
  8. Kext installed and i tried the flag... but nothing appens... Same think... always stuck in the same point... it's work only in -X
  9. Installed Retail 10.8.5 and GM of Mavericks and still not boot... This is a screen of the system in KP
  10. Succefully installed 10.8.5 but no way to boot in normal mode... Kernel Panic...
  11. Hi, No i'm triyng to reinstall them now... Yesterday i've tried with the GM of OSX 10.9 (GM), now i try with the 10.8.5 from the App Store... I want Mavericks... but it doesn't seem to start correctly... Kernel Panic every time...
  12. Hi all I have successfully installed OSX 10.9 Mavericks on my Hackintosh machine, equipped with Asus P8Z77-V Pro and Nvidia Geforce GTX690 ? The installation vita pandora or ihack goes ok with the flag:?-v -x npci=0x2000 GraphicsEnabler=No ?After the install all the device are ok, but the system won't boot without the -x flag (Secure Mode)The problem i think is the video card... but i don't know how get out of this problem?Any of you can have a solution??Thanks in Advance
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