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  1. Welcome on my topic? ? I have an Asus n550JV and I am trying to make as good as possible Mavericks running on it. ? Specs: Model: Asus n550JV - 15.6 inch Full HD (1920*1080) Ram: 8 GB LDDR3 - 1600 Mhz (Kingston) Cpu: Intel I7-4700HQ Haswell Gpu: Nvidia Geforce GT 750m (4GB) Integrated Gpu: Intel hd graphics 4600 HD: 1 TB (5200 rpm) (yeah I know, slow like hell) ? It's currently running Mavericks pretty smooth and these are thinghs that are working: - About Mac - Finder,?iTunes, App Store, every app that's available. - Audio (fixed by using VoodooHDA) - DVD-reader (I can eject using F12 or pressing the hardware button, but haven't tested if it can read disks?) - USB 3.0 - Camera (Facetime works?) - Touchpad with multitouch (not perfect but does work 85%+) - Headset socket works (for headphones etc) - ... other thinghs I can't remember or haven't mentioned. ? Now what does NOT work: - On board WIFI - BT card (Atheros AT 9485) - Sleep doesn't work ;( (Using it a lot, so should be nice if this is fixed) - Battery stats (can be fixed with kexts, but which one? NEED HELP here?) - Not very important but: Can't see how hot my CPU gets or what the clock speed currently is, is this also fixable with kexts? - Low priority: Bass socket from Asus (this is going very far, I don't really need it) ? An guide that some people would want (Not complete but still should help to get at least Mavericks running on Asus n550jv?) ? ?- First make a usb stick with restore from OS X Mavericks (search google, it's almost same everywhere?) ? - Then make a clover bootable stick using Clover v2:?https://mega.co.nz/#...CYwI!Cx-GC02...? guide:?http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KN1f9nleMSI#t=0 ? - Follow everything in that youtube vid exactly, because it could turnout differently if you don't? ? - Use these modded EFI files and overwrite/merge with EFI partition of usb (credit goes to my russian friend?amocc ?for his amazing work):? https://docs.google....dit?usp=sharing amocc's profile:? http://www.osx86.net...r/508444-amokk/ Another discussion on forum: http://www.insanelym...-3#entry1959561 ? ? - Reboot system with usb plugged, check if USB LEGACY is on. And get in bios/efi or whatever and change boot priority for example UEFI: CLOVER boot should be the first one to boot. ? - Clover bootloader will show up, go to Mac Os installer (or what it is called) and press space than go to without caches and press enter. - Installer will show up, make a Mac Os Extended Journaled partition by going to Utilities than Disk Utility. - Instal, REBOOT back to Installer (trust me). ? IMPORTANT: Launch Terminal and give these command (change YOUR_Partition!): cp /mach_kernel "/Volumes/YOUR_Partition/mach_kernel" ? - Reboot into OS X (not installer) using without caches. ? - After configuring your system with username, password you'll appear on desktop. ? - Now you'll need to use different kexts to fix several issues: For audio go to this link:? http://www.projectos...p?showtopic=355 Use the latest one, I used?VoodooHDA_v284.zip Than you should edit?info.plist?in?VoodooHDA.keks
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