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  1. I found the problem and the solution at the moment unfortunately not. At the moment, nothing is impossible to achieve normal operation of the GTX 790 on 10.9, the problem with OpenGL crash.?
  2. 10.9 ? Image open by double clicking the picture - this is a screenshot (shift + cmd + 3)
  3. Hello guys, really need your help! Sorry for my bad english, but i try to explain the situation. ? I have a ?GTX 780 WindForce OC (rev. 2.0) and before buy this read about it on «osx86oroject» - I attached a screenshot. From this I realized that there should be no problems. But there are problems. ? Screen resolution without any action - right. In «About Mac» is determined by the video card is absolutely correct, without any action. ? But there are some problems and one of them, the pictures on the computer do not open. I do not understand what could be the problem. I was try search drivers, kext and any information - without result. ? Please tell me what could be the problem, this card can be made to work properly?
  4. I solved the problem. The problems were with the BIOS, just needed to be updated.
  5. Hello guys! Very bad know English, so I will be brief. I'm install 10.9 of MAS, clean os on my HDD. Did it simply - connected HDD to Mac Mini over USB. Then the fun began! I do not know whether all Motherboards have such problems, but with my mb I can not do anything and need help. Install any Clover with any BIOS and Clover settings, the message ends "Reboot and Select proper Boot device or Insert Boot Media in selected Boot device and press a kay". Chameleon works, but an error "can't found mach_kernel" and go to reboot. I really need yours help, maybe there will be people with the same motherboard, I tried everything I could. Intel Core i5 2500K, ASRock P67 Extreme4 Gen3, ATI Radeon HD4850 1GB Sapphire, I found all the necessary kexts, but I can not make a bootloader. I know, you do not like newcomers, stupid questions too. I tried to solve the problem myself, really, but my motherboard?not easy to make.
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