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  1. ? Ok, combo updated with 10.8.5 and the system fails to startup. I will wait for a N{censored} 10.9 hopefully my Atheros AR9565 will be recognized by then, without Internet access Mac OSX is unuseful to me. ? Thank you very very much for your kindness and patience in helping me. ? Giuseppe
  2. ? Man, you ROCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK. Thank you. ? It perfectly worked!!!! ? I want to Combo update to the latest 10.8.6. Is it safe to do it? ? GiuTor
  3. Thanks for your patience. I have no idea about CLI users. The installer didn't ask me anything. I just get this when booting. ? Any clue? ? GiuTor
  4. ? Because the installer doesn't finish its job. Normally the system reboot and the installation goes on by creating the users. In my case it fails before the reboot.
  5. Yes, it boots but since no users are created I can't log in
  6. Ok, at the end I installed Chameleon on MBR and Grub on a partition. ? GiuTor
  7. Hi, ? I'm trying to install N{censored} 10.8.2 on the same disk where Linux is already installed. I got an unspecified error during the installation, at the end of the 19 minutes. Does anyone of you succeded to install N{censored} AFTER Linux? ? Thanks, GiuTor
  8. Thank you so much for your reply. You are right, I didn't pay attention to the 80211 name! You gave me a precious info by quoting AppleBCM5701, googling for it now.
  9. Hi, ? I tried to install quite a lot of?io80211family.kexts but none was working. I'm wondering if there is a kext for this wired card. If there is not, would u please tell me how to create one from scratch? ? Thanks, GiuTor
  10. Hi noname, ? thanks for replying. My system is 10.8.2, I installed it from DVD. The bootloader is Chamelon 2.1. I solved the problem by deleting the directory modules in /Extra. Now I can boot from Chameleon. ? Thanks for replying, GiuTor
  11. Hi, ? I installed Mac OSX along with Linux Mint. If I choose Mac OSX from Chameleon it doesn't boot. The only message I get is the one attached, after some seconds, the machine is rebooted. ? If I choose Linux from Chameleon, the Grub screen is showed from which I can boot Mac OSX without any problems. ? I have no clue where to look for since I'm very new to the Mac world. Please tell me which info you need, I can use the command-line. ? Thanks, GiuTor
  12. Yes, it's an Acer E1-570 from which I eradicated windowz 8 :-D. I didn't know Clover, let you know the outcome thanks a lot.
  13. Very detailed thank u. On the Internet I read that Chameleon doesn't recognize Linux partition. Since I don't have Internet on the Mac OSX if Linux doesn't boot It will me a mess for me. Are u sure Chameleon will detect Linux? I was thinking to use rEFIt.
  14. ? I did with Kext Wizard from N{censored} but with no luck. I didn't edit any kexts, just used the same utility with single kexts downloaded from the Internet. ? I use GRUB since I have Linux Mint 15 along with Mac OS X. Can ?u please counsel me any guide to install Chameleon and configure it to have the dual boot? ? Thanks, GiuTor
  15. Hi guys, this my very first post and my first time with Mac OSX. I successfully installed it on a Acer E1-570. All is working apart sound and wireless. The USB pendrive was detected too. But, in a desperate attempt to have wireless working I messed up with the kexts and now sadly, the pendrive is not detected anymore. ? I wouldn't want to install everything for the third time. With kextstat I can see USB kexts are loaded, so would you please tell me which file shall I edit to have USB pendrive detected again? ? Thanks for the help, GiuTor
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