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  1. I love You so much man it works now ! :-) Edit: i've just seen that an update is available for Yosemite. Can I install it without issues ? I Will create à new post tomorrow about iMessage fix for yosemite and clover
  2. Yes it's boot "with injected kext" option in clover I use too kext-dev-mode=1 But these 2 options are the same no ? I tried to follow the guide but I still have the same issue :/ EDIT: in DPCI manager i've seen that the pci ethernet card is well recognised and the kext is wright. But the ethernetbuiltin is not ticked, I think the issue is here.. Because when I boot in Mavericks and use DPCIManager this box is ticked and the ethernet connexion works properly. How can I put EthernetBuiltIn=Yes in clover ?
  3. Thanks for your fast reply I use the injected kext mode I will read your link and test the method
  4. Since I installed Yosemite my ethernet connexion dosen't work. My configuration : The pci card is well installed and the kext is good but it doesn't apears in "ethernet" section . When I go to system preferences I can't see the ethernet connexion Sorry for bad english Thanks for reply
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