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  1. Inject Intel in clover configurator. Also, SMbios for iMac 14,2
  2. Today I installed OSX Yosemite as my primary OS. I have everything up and running, but when ii boot i have a noisy screen for couple of seconds than the login screen appear.? I`m using the latest build of Clover as my bootloader. Also my specs are Motherboard Asus Z87-A CPU Intel i5 4670k iGPU : intel HD4600 SSD : Intel 520 Also I need to mention, that i had a Mavericks installation with the same bug.? If you need any more information to help me, feel free to ask.
  3. Problem solved.. For anyone with the same problem? http://www.tonymacx86.com/401-install-bootloader-extra-efi-partition.html
  4. Sorry .. I was in a hurry
  5. Ok.. I understand that.. So.. O have an gpt ssd.. One hfs partition in eich osx is installed... The thing is that my ssd is bootable in windows as gpt.. But not in osx.. I know that cause i installed windows on it after i installed maveriks when it launched because of the same isue.. Now i came back to osx but i have the same issue.. It simply isnt detected as a bootable drive inside my uefi bios And the same issue acours if my botable instal usb is gpt.. If i partition it as mbr it boots nicely without a problem....al goes smooth Maybe im doing it wrong to install clover.. Can you please show me a guide?
  6. How to check if the partition is efi?
  7. A problem... this isn`t detected as well...as GPT.. but if i partiton it as MBR it boots.. what the heck is going on? What`s your bootloader?
  8. I`ll try and i will be back with an response as fast as i can
  9. When i boot from usb select mac hd inside the bootloader and then i press enter... Bots nicely all good... But in bios the ssd seems not to be bootable...
  10. It`s UEFI, but i don't get any boot option to boot from the SSD unless i press f8 and there are all the storage devices bootable or not. Chameleon is installed on the SSD. Its GUID Partition Table.? I personaly think that the partition wasn`t made bootable in the installing part.
  11. I dont get any erors.. it just skips
  12. Sorry so.. My sistem is an Asus z87-a with an i54670k, an intel 530ssd an no dedicated graphics card i`m using chameleon bootloader and i`m using just OSX?
  13. My osx 10.9 partition isn`t bootable.. i mean the only way to start my hackitosh is to insert the install usb.. there aren`t any other ways of booting it can anyone help me out? ?
  14. Forgot to say.... my config: i54670k Z87-a Intel 530 SSD 60GB using IGPU ? And -x boot doesn`t work either.. HELP!!!!
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