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  1. can you be more precise please?
  2. Maybe unmounting the SSD with Windows and let it boot only with the HDD?
  3. Hi saurav tried but does not work
  4. Hello, my config is AMD FX-6100 Processor Asus MB Sabertooth 990fx 2x 4096 GB Memory 1333 DDR3 1 SSD 126GB (windows 7 already installed on it) 1 HDD Western Digital 500GB (trying to install Snow Leopard on it) ? I have successfully installed Snow Leopard 10.6.3 on my AMD system on the HDD but with rd(0,0)/Extra/modbin_kernel I also have done what described in the guide step by step but I still have a problem; When installation was done, the system has rebooted itself and I swaped the retail DVD back for the ModCD as described in the guide on AMD systems. It has booted until I reached the bootloader. I Selected the HDD where Snow was installed and pressed Enter en ModCD told me again to press any key to continue... I pressed any key... It booted again to the bootloader ModCD. But no forms to fill in OSX and no OSX at all. Can somebody tell me if I did something wrong? Thanks for your reply
  5. Hi Masterzep I'm not using distros I want to install a retail DVD wich is Snow Leopard 10.6.3 directly bought in the Apple Store I have read carefully the different discussions according to AMD Hackintoshing and I tried to follow the different options but nothing. I have also in the BIOS: -disabled legacy USB -changed SATA mode to AHCI -but I don't see any standby mode in my BIOS, I presume that's a default one ? I also tried the different options in the mod CD when it boots (like -force64 and so on...) ? Are my disks maybe misconfigured?? Or maybe I must first make a dual boot in Easy BCD? I really want to run Mac OSX in my PC to work with Logic Pro X If you have other ideas.. always welcome
  6. Hello I have also problems installing Mac OS X Snow Leopard via the Mod CD. My config is ? AMD FX-6100 Asus Sabertooth 990FX Mb 1 SDD 126mb in SATA AHCI Mode (Windows 7 installed) 1 Wester Digital HDD in STA AHCI Mode (where I want to install Snow Leopard) Memory Corsair 2x 4096 GB 1333Mhz DDR3 ? The Mod CD is booting as well. I swith to the DVD Snow Leopard and press Enter is also ok. After the 'press any key to continue' the computer boot again to windows and nothing happens ? Anyone for some help? Thank you very much.
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