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  1. I write this on my Asus M50Vs using actually Mavericks 10.9.3 Using U{censored}/MB{censored} to boot Chamelion Wizard Settings Enabled: Chamelion r2378 installed -GUI -Time Out=1 (because I partitioned my HDD and boot W7 if I needed) -Legacy Logo -Kernel = mach_kernel (write on the space) -Use Kernal Cache -0x3000 -Force HPET -Ethernet Built-In (but i not have a driver for Broadcom on Maveriks) -System Type = Laptop -Restart Fix -Generate P-States & C-States -Enable C2, C3 & C4 States -HDA Enabler -Enable HDMI Audio -USB Bus Fix -Graphics Enable -Skip Intel GFX, Ati (AMD) GFX -Graphics Mode = 1440x900x32 -Enable Backlight -Enable DualLink MacBook Pro 7,1 Profile Enabled HDAEnabler.dylib KeyLayot.dylib COMMENTS: =============== Video nVidia 9500M GS 512MB Works Perfect (But on Information About this Mac appear PCI-E at 1x or rarely 4x -instead of 16x-)? Keyboard and Mouse works perfect (also as trackpad functions) Bluetooth works perfect WebCam detected as USB 2.0 WEBCAM (but only get a black image -Anybody has a solution to fix this?-) Temp indicators works fine with HWMonitor The sound work by VoodooHDA, but I have a little trouble because, the volume and power works with setting the microphone Input Gain and down to min the Monitor Level, but if you touch your Mic, sound on th speakers and its terrible (Anybody has a solution to fix this?) I replace the original WiFi card for a compatible Atheros 300Mbps Versiones de software: CoreWLAN: 4.3.3 (433.48) CoreWLANKit: 3.3.2 (332.36) Menú Extra: 9.3.2 (932.35) Información del Sistema: 9.0 (900.8) Familia IO80211: 6.3 (630.35) Diagnóstico: 3.0 (300.40) Utilidad AirPort: 6.3.2 (632.3) Interfaces: en0: Tipo de tarjeta: AirPort Extreme (0x168C, 0xE01F) Versión del firmware: Atheros 9280:
  2. Cesar RB

    Chameleon Wizard

    The download servers for Chameleon Wizard collect info and boot screens don't work since 2 days ago... Any info for service back???
  3. Thats for DDR3 motherboard??? P5G41T-M LX3
  4. Thats for DDR3 motherboard??? P5G41T-M LX3
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