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  1. Update -- I have the installation compelte in a hard drive by installing it to the drive through USB.? At the setup page durring install I added the kexts you suggested as parrt of Chamelion.? Now I get very far on the first boot.? But it still freezes at Still waiting for root device - this is just after displaying FireWire (OHCI) VendorId ..etc. ? I will try PCIRootUID=0
  2. As it turns out, i need detailed directions on how to do this.? I cannot get into the DMG with either of the programs you mentioned to add files - it keeps telling me the dmg files are write protected. ? So frustrated ....
  3. Hi again! ? I just tried your suggestion, and I navigated to system/library/ with TransMac, but there is no extensions folder, only Extensions.mkext ? Is there something I am overlooking? ? Thank you, ? Steven
  4. Thank you so much for getting back to me and for being so very thurough in your response! ? Bless you heart. ? S
  5. Hello! ? I am attempting to install Maverick on an HP Pavillion Laptop using N{censored}'s distro. ? CPU - AMD Turrion 44x2 4 gig ram ? And the part that I think is causing the issues.? A check with msinfo32 on windows shows the drive as an IDE setup even though the physical drive is a SATA.? However to use the drive, an adapter is fitted to it that extends the SATA connection components to a series of prongs that slide down into a receptacle. ? I am able to install OSX Mavericks to the same drive using a USB drive desktop adapter, but booting then leaves me with still waiting for root device.? Physically installing the drive with the loaded OSX and booting from there brings me to the same conclusion - still waiting for root device. ? I am able to get as far as I have using amd64 cpus=1 -v ? So one install attempt leaves no drives showing and the other a block on initial boot. ? The attached photo also has the adapter as an inset. ? Thoughts? ? Thank you so much in advance, ? Steven
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