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  1. hi @Bluettoth ??? you don't understand, he already quarrel with me when i pm him. When he replied to my post i already calm down and act nothing happened but he keep dig and exposed my weekness to everyone and i don't want to revenge because i know it's sin
  2. Thank you I will try to, do you know what is the kext for my wifi card? I can't find my kext
  3. You as a supervisor don't quarrel with me at here ok? If you want just let us quarrel by PM me. If you think your action is not quarrel don't reply to this post. I really don't know why you didn't care about your image as you are supervisor at here, although I am newbie at here, I really mind my image and I will try to be friendly. But when I met you from first, you spoiled me have a nice day
  4. Zzzzz.. Let me teach you, in our country it is neither call "copy nor steal".. It called "sharing is caring" are you retarded? I said the original author had deleted his original post!!!! Do you know who is the original author and do you know who am I? How old are you? Don't be rude ok?
  5. Note: I am not copy from there and the real author ask us to share his post
  6. Excuse me, if you don't know what happened stop blame me. The original author have deleted his post. I am here to repost the old history that I saved, to here. If you didn't appreciate things shared from me, don't read the guide that I shared. Thank you
  7. I don't know why, I like people who say "thanks" to me because I think they are polite and I think the word "Thanks" doesn't cost a penny. XD thank you for be the first people to say "thanks" ^^
  8. I think no people will say thanks because there are 1 people say I type the code inverted and I not yet check if it is really inverted
  9. Dubzeed I just realize that is for Ethernet not wifi, I still waiting for wifi kext
  10. tell me the truth are you Slice? anyway, i not trying to compile the clover but i want to take a part of the function of that clover, acess root at put the bootloader to hard disk
  11. Can you understand the guide? I can't understnd it.. i not yet learn programming for mac, i need someone help me to make a app
  12. I saw that how to "compile bootsectors.2. Set PATH variable" that is what i want, but the tool that he made is .gz which is built by him already...
  13. that is how to compile clover i want to know how to put my bootloader like MB{censored} to system..
  14. not compile, i modify something in the bootloader for bios, now i want to use my own bootloader
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