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  1. @christ1111 can't boot V5 DVD... ? And the wait for root device when booting with Clover, that must have to do with incompatible kext driver for storage. What to do??
  2. ? Can't boot the DVD, right after it starts to load menu (gets to init) my laptop reboots. I'm lost... ? Can't boot the DVD on my other laptop either...
  3. I can't boot USB myHack installer for installing Chameleon. I have installed Chameleon using standalone installer but it doesn't help. ? ?Booting is doomed with current installation. I can boot the installation with your Installer DVD V4 or with myHack USB but only in safe boot. I have installed Chameleon from standalone installer and copied preboot.dmg. I can't boot myHack USB installer. ? ? So the question is should I reinstall Mac OS X with christ1111s installer V5 DVD and add support for MBR? Or is there any other way I can make the bootloader work? I can't deal with any of the device issues before getting the bootloader to work.
  4. ? Okay, but why would I need MBR? I don't have any ?MBR partition. I have GPT as partition map scheme and have been able to identify bootloader (Clover EFI) when installing with myHack. ? philip$ diskutil list? /dev/disk0 ?? #: ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? TYPE NAME? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? SIZE ? ? ? IDENTIFIER ?? 0:? ? ? GUID_partition_scheme? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? *256.1 GB ? disk0 ?? 1:? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Apple_HFS ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 209.7 MB ? disk0s1 ?? 2:? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Apple_HFS MAC OS X? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 255.7 GB ? disk0s2
  5. I can't even boot without DVD. My bootloader isn't recognized, my laptop just says it's missing os. I have installed Chameleon and copied preboot.dmg to /Extra/. Should Chameleon be detected then or do I need to do something to mmke the disk bootable...
  6. My WiFi is?Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6235 AGN 2x2 HMC WiFi/Bluetooth Adapter. ? ? Yes I installed laptop essentials. The graphicsenabler is default according to the installer. ? I'm going to copy preboot.dmg, it is hidden in /Extra/Extensions right?
  7. That solved it! @christ1111 It now boots from DVD, I have installed the Chameleon bootloader, but it doesn't let me boot. Now I need to boot from DVD. And what do I need to do to not force safe-mode boot every time?? ? But some om my built-in devices dosn't work. How do I solve that? Kexkt??I need better driver for my HD4000, right now I have just one resolution to choose from, 1024x768. Another critical thing is my Intel Wi-Fi which is not working. ? For tuning CPU and so forth then I use custom DSDT & SSDT, right? ?
  8. Will try that if the DVD installation fails. The installation is in progress... ? UPDATE:?DVD doesn't work still getting SMC ReadKey error. But now it stops booting at, even tough I tried to disable Bluetooth in BIOS/EFI: *** [IOBluetiithHCIController][SearchForTransportEventTimeOutHandler] -- Missing Bluetoot Controller Transport!Can I use above guide with myHack USB installation media? @suarav252525
  9. So! I have finally dump info about DSDT & SSDT. See attacthments. What are they telling you @?saurav252525 HP-Revolve-810-AIDA64-report.htm
  10. Thanks. Will try myFix. I'm new to this so I'm not familiar with DSDT. I'm using standard myHack options. How do I use DSDT then? How do I know what SMBIOS I'm using? ? UPDATE: Figured out how to see DSDT, SSDT and so on. Will get a Win PE USB stick and then run Aida64 from it. I'm getting back with info.
  11. There is anyway I can do that with USB? Would be nice to complete installation today.
  12. ? Ok, but what is the diffence between USB and DVD installation? I need to pick up DL DVDs then, so it will need to wait for tomorrow.
  13. ? I will try that if I don't get myHack to work with custom kext.
  14. VT-d & VT-x is already disabled. I will try custom kext. But how do I load it? I have copied it over to USB/Extra/Extensions?
  15. UPDATE: After reseting BIOS and going through every setting and also clearing TPM. I got this error... Anyone who has a clue why it says waiting for root device?
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