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  1. After instal 10.10.2 re-enable sound (ALC892). Other still working, like on 10.10.1
  2. Z87X-D3H intel GBE LAN is run. Thanks! Appstore fix is helpless..in my hack. Make it work? - fill in SMBIOS ...
  3. Now all work right! Installed clover in to EFI part on SSD and copied config.plist from flash..? Thanks to ALL, who was supported me!
  4. -x start, but no lan, no sound, no correct video ? understand now, my skills is so low
  5. ?I'm russian, language difficulties hinder the process, now my hack is rebooting in a random order,?unpredictably
  6. No result.. Trying to reinstall all from the start
  7. I don't. And I don't know ?that key. Thank you. I'll try it later and report
  8. Installed clover to maverick partition, but can't to right set it up. Can booting from flash with clover only. Can you say something? Settings from flash drive's clover set to clover in mac part, but it can't work. Boot stop after message "missing bluetooth controller transport"? After boot from flash drive system is fully working!! I want boot up without any flash
  9. CPU?i7 2670QM Chipset Intel HM65 Graphics?AMD Radeon HD 6770M (intel HD3000) on the screen ven dev other devices ? 10.8.2 now, battery ok, start with GraphicsEnabler=No cpus=1 npci=0x2000 npci=0x3000 -x -v
  10. Need in kext?or another support in installation mav on hp dv6-6b57er notebook Now working with no sound, no battery, no wi-fi, no lan Who can say something? Really want use all-working system ? (have same experiense with Lenovo Z570 hackingtosh, work on mav, sound - ok, battery - ok, webcam - ok, wi-fi - externall asus n13, lan - ok. No - card reader, no mic, no nv gt540. Games, moveis - good)
  11. Sergey Sashin

    AMD 10.9.*

    Work with FX8320 processor and HD7850 graphics??
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