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  1. It looks old...IMHO ? I have a problem with university wifi: if I want connect to it, I have to insert username and password, but in wireless network utility I can write only the password. How can I send both to university AP?
  2. It works very well How I can change icon app in the status bar?
  3. Can you explain me step by step how I can patch my AppleIntelSNBGraphicsFB?
  4. Sorry but I use rarely usb3.0 port, but I've the same problem with touchpad: after wake, it stops to work correctly. I think that the problem can be generated by touchpad/mouse kext. P.S.: usb 3.0 is the only port that can offer 1000MAh and it can charge my iPad. This is a surprise for me
  5. Has anyone tried to install Yosemite? Does Continuity works with iOS8.1 and Hackintosh?
  6. Has anyone resolved the ram speed error? I found a solution that says to add this string in the smbios:? <key>SMmemspeed</key> ? ? ? ??<string>1600</string> Can this modify resolve the problem?
  7. In my Hackintosh, iMessage not works since first installation... I'm using "Remote Message" (a Cydia tweak for iPhone) to send SMS and iMessage from my pc
  8. Yes I know it, but sometimes I close it for a short time (for example when I go in a other room) and then mouse stop working. ? PS: often when I plug on charge the laptop, battery indicator don't show me that it is on charge
  9. When I close laptop's screen, mouse don't work and I have to restart the system. Someone has this problem?
  10. I compare to a Macbook air with hd4000 and i5 (maybe 2012) and animations are slower and less fluid ... If I use Traktor dj software with Mac I can set 2.0ms of latency and Pioneer cdj400 plays sound without any drop or glitch, but if I use hackintosh I have to set 11 or 12ms of latency to obtain the same results
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