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  1. eteabo


    Works. Thank you. But i dont understand why show in system info HD5000. I have HD6770.
  2. Finally worked. And i did Yosemite update, and not worked again
  3. Hello! ? I have an GA41-Mt-D3 motherboard with integrated audio card with 3 connectors.? ? On Windows:? Pink - Center/Sub? Green - Front Speakers Blue - Rear Speakers ? On Mavricks in Audio MIDI Setup: Built-In Input - Red Built-In Line In - Black Built-In Out - Blue (Sound on Front Speakers) Built-In Line Out - Lighter Green (No Sound) Built-In Line Out - Darker Green (No Sound) Built-In Digital Out - Yellow ? How can I change it that i have Pink and Blue are on Built-In Line Out and i have sound on ?Rear Speakers and Center/Sub? ? I ?have now the original AppleHDA.kext what the N{censored} Mavericks installed. I tried many ALC887/888 Kexts, but or i have not audo device, or sound on only Front Speakers.
  4. Not working with Gigabyte GV-R677UD-1GD But thanks
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