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  1. ? Ok I created a new post? in sound? Thanks again.? ? http://www.hackintoshosx.com/topic/23508-help-with-hp-17-j181nr-audio-idt-111d76e0/
  2. I need help with getting my sound set up. ?I have included here a link to my previous topic with what I have been doing. ? ? ?http://www.hackintoshosx.com/topic/21717-need-help-with-dsdt-for-hp-envy-17-j181nr/page-2 ? ? As requested I have also included my Codec_Dump zip here. ? ?I thank you again for all your help. ? ? ? Update: ?I know its been a busy weekend for everyone. ? So I also am including my svg files and verbs. ? ? ? ? Codec_Dump.zip Archive.zip
  3. Ok I'll put start one in the sound section. I've tried voodoohda but always get a kernel ioaudiofamily dependency kernel panic. I tried changing the info.plist from class to show my codec and still get the panic. I'll post my codec dumps and such over my new post. Thank you very much!!!
  4. So I was able to successfully update to 10.10.4. I also tried to remove the audioauu.kext as reading other forums people have had issues with that, however still no sound. I have tried patch on the fly with clover. Adding plugins to my fakesmc. I am at a loss here. Please someone help me getting my audio working. I thank you all in advance. For some odd reason it will read my layout id but will not connect the proverbial dots to the applehda.
  5. I know its been a while now, but I decided to revisit my Hackintosh. ? ? I have been able to successfully load into 10.10.3 everything works expect two things. ? ? My Audio and when I log in the graphics glitch a little bit (otherwise they are fine). ? ?I have patched my own AppleHDA, and tried every other one under the sun. ?I even tried different layouts and the outcome it all the same. ? ? ?I have attached my dsdt as well as my clover.config list. ? ?Can someone please help me getting my audio working. ? ?Also any suggestion on the video as well. ? ? ? ? Update #1 ?Ok so I was able to fix my graphics glitch issue. ? I wound pulling my vendor id from a dump I did from steps I found on this link here: ? https://giuliomac.wordpress.com/2014/03/03/how-to-enable-intel-hd4600-natively-on-your-hackintosh/ ? however when I put in the hex ID it said, clover froze on boot up. ? ?So I took the igp-platform id?0x0a260006 and the vendor ID?0x00008086 which I put in the IntelGFX in clover. ? Now I have no graphical issues at all. ? Everything runs smooth. ?Last thing I need now is my audio working. DSDT.zip config.plist.zip Audio.tiff
  6. I have one that is fixed, but Deadman asked me to post my raw dsdt.???? Also I was able to get my pin config put it? into a correct format (I am guessing).? Not sure what to do with it at this point.??? My audio works, just not all the speakers.?? I need to know how to inject this into my AppleHDA.kext.??? pin config.rtf
  7. Well I thought I uploaded my dsdt but apparently I didn't so here it is dsdt.zip
  8. Also too my audio works but not all my speakers,?? I have my pin config that I saved from my windows reg file.???? Here it is, and maybe you can help explain how I inject this into either my dsdt or into the hda.? pinconfig.reg.txt? AppleHDA.kext.zip
  9. ? ? Here is my dsdt and ioreg? Eric?s MacBook Air.zip? DSDT.aml 2.zip
  10. I will definately try that.??? I will upload a new ioreg and clean dsdt to as well since now I chaged my wifi? card.??? ? I will definately try that,?? I will upload a new ioreg and clean dsdt as I changed my wifi card.??
  11. ok so I was able to get everything reinstalled and working.? I went and bought a new internal wifi from broadcom and now my wifi and my bluetooth work.?? The button for the wifi does not work, but I can still control it from the menu bar so I am ok with that.???? As far as sleep is concerned I was able to activatge hibernate 29, which just shuts down the pc, which is also fine as when I am done with my pc I am usually done for a bit.?? I may eventually tinker with it in the future, but as far as it goes now, things are working quite smothly.???
  12. ? Well I just tried instlaling? clover and it has messed my computer completely up.?? I can no longer boot into mac.?? When I deleted it from windows, when it boots up via chameloen it just freezes in the boot now.???? So it looks like as though I am going to have to start all over again with a fresh install.?? This is why I prefer not to use clover, because each time that I have tried it, it royally messes my pc up.???
  13. ? ? Ok So I added DTGP to my list and repatched the Audio KEXT and deleted some code that was giving me some error in my dsdt and now I have sound.? Woohoo.??? Now to just fix the sleep problem and I have a fully funtional Hackintosh!!! ? UPDATE:?? Ok I tried to put laptop to sleep and it just immediately came back on.?? Now I have no sound.?? I get this error.??? Wake up reason: glan ehc2 ehc1.?? I also noticed now that when I try to edit the dsdt my DTGP keeps being automatically moved underneath all the external codes instead of staying up as the first thing in my dsdt.??? Any suggestions on how I fix my sleep as no sound issues.???? I had sound for a few minutes but right after I tried to put laptop to sleep has not come back.????? ? UPDATE 2:?? Ok so I managed after several hours to finnally get my sound back.??? However I still cannot get this thing to sleep.???? I keep getting error GLAN EHC2 EHC1.?? I have tried to search for a fix but I have found none.??? I am not sure if someone could do a final edit on my DSDT then I will be all set.??? Everything else is perfect.?? I have 0 Graphical glitches, my sound works, boots up fast, touchpad works perfectly, keyboard backlight works, bightness adjustment works.?? All I have left is this sleep issue and then I am done.?? I again I appriciate all that you have been able to do for me thus far.?? Could not have come this far with out your help.??
  14. ok so I followed the instructions and I still cannot get it to recognize my audio card.?? I patched it with the right codec.?? I do not understand what it is that I am doing wrong
  15. ? ok cool I will try that when I get home later. ?I really appreciate all your help
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