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  1. I forgot something ... !! ? Use MB{censored} and Install System Defination MacbookPro 8,1 and Use Chimera bootloader instead of the chameleon provided in the file !!!
  2. Version 0.6 Tested Networking on


    This folder includes all the required drivers to run on your OS X Installation... Simply install them after installing Lion 10.7 and update to 10.7.3!! NOTE: UPDATE TO 10.7.4 WILL MAKE THE NETWORK DRIVERS WILL NOT BE WORKING( Not sure because the updated drivers are in a .pkg which supports ML!... testers needed)!!! detail guide will be posted after usage.. maybe an hour later... EDIT : File Updated with working WIFI and ETHERNET driver , (Even Mountain Lion supports this kernel extension) because its extracted from the iAtkos ML2 distro , including battery and sleep ... For your info , from 0.5 , it shrunk to 5MB from 10MB .. I might be making an AcerBook Installer if all of em works ! Be sure your Acer 4755G is a Core i5 variant WIFI : AR5B97 Bluetooth: AR5BBU12 Sounds : ALC 2xx (Fixed VoodooHDA's loud static ) Core i5 2430M 4GB RAM DDR3
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