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  1. Unfortunately I deleted my kernel in System/Library/Kernels/kernel. I have 10.11.3 El Capitan (release, no beta) Could someone please upload his kernel? Thank you
  2. Hey CrazyBirdy could you please put 10.11.3 online? Unfortunately I deleted my kernel and now I have none. So I can't patch it myself. So a lapic kernel for the latest el capitan version 10.11.3 (Release) would be great. Thank you for your work so much!!
  3. Dear forum, Having successfully tried Yosemite Zone in a virtualbox machine I decided to try it natively in my old laptop, a 2009 core2duo Fujitsu-Siemens sporting a legacy BIOS. I burned the iso to a USB drive with Win32 Disk Imager. The drive properly mounts on Linux with two partitiones, an ISO 9660 which is empty and an HFS+ with all the contents from the iso. However, to my surprise the usb doesn't boot and my computer skips directly to the grub bootloader. I've also tried to boot it from the grub console but all I've got are reboots that end in the same booloader menu. Could it be because of the legacy BIOS instead of having UEFI? Have you experienced similar problems using old laptops? If so, how did you sort them out? Big thanks in advance! PS. From what I see, problems about Yosemite Zone are not commented or resolved in this forum. Is there other alternative distro that can be installed and configured without the need of a Mac? Thanks a lot!
  4. ASUS g72gx Bestbuy version ! Audio works even the mic works finally ! But the sound is little dirty not perfect clear! Do you think you can do somthing about that! Thanks A lot!
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