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  1. Now boots up but cant find the HD3000 graphics
  2. I can Boot only without kernelcache and the graphics sucks?
  3. Hello Guys... I have problems after 10.9.3 update I thought the problem was the?realteklt81x and the AppleIntelCpuPowerManagement?but even i delete it can't boot ? ? My system is Asus x53s:?i3 2310m?gt520m/intel HD30004gb ram 1333mhzhdd 500gb 5400rpmUsing HDMI? what's wrong? This is a picture: ?
  4. I place the?NullCPUPowerManagement.kext from windows with?MediaFour program. Then boot without kernel cache and boom. Thats it
  5. Hello guys. Today i update my hackintosh system from 10.9.2 to 10.9.3 and i've got kernel panic ?(AppleIntelCpuPowerManagement) My system is Asus x53s: i3 2310m? gt520m/intel HD3000 4gb ram 1333mhz hdd 500gb 5400rpm Using?HDMI ? Any idea how to fix this?
  6. Hey Guys... I try to install mavericks 10.9.2 (with Uni****t and Mul****t) on my Asus X53s and the screen freezes in to Apple logo with loading circle after the installation.? Before the installation i type -f -x GraphicsEnabler=Yes PCIRootUID=0 flags and all process is done and i am into mavericks desktop. But if i try to reboot (i can't boot without USB) i get screen stuck with Apple logo, loading circle like the?photo:Here Specs:? i3 2310m? gt520m 4gb ram 1333mhz hdd 500gb 5400rpm Using HDMI Sorry for my english...
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