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  1. Hey guys, ? Just managed to install osx mavericks on my hp laptop my specs are: ? amd a10-4600m with integrated graphics (7660g) dedicated gpu: amd radeon 8670m ( I disabled this one as I am pretty sure that it won't work in osx) ? OSX is running great it's not slow at all but I'm having some graphical issues: ? I'm trying to get my radeon 7660g to be working with osx but when I go to about this mac it says that my video memory is 5mb. In system report, my GPU is recognized as 0x9900 ATI(0x1002) but no kext is loaded. ? I tried adding 0x99001002 to AMD7000controller.kext, I updated the permissions but it didn't solve anything. I still get glitchy graphics on launchpad, safari, putting windows in full screen mode ? I'm using Clover UEFI and my gpu is recognized by it (0x9900) but it doesn't change anything, I've tried booting with GraphicsEnabler=No/Yes and it made no difference! ? The system defenition is set to a Mac Pro ? ? Can anyone help me fix this issue, I almost have a fully working hackintosh laptop ? thanks, ? nnvt
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